Imagine This Was Paul Ryan: Biden Eats Ice Cream At Costco While Having Black Woman Push Cart For Him


Liberals are so over sensitive when it comes to  race, so I will ask a pointed question. What if Mitt Romney would have won the election, and lets say that Vice President Paul Ryan visited a Costco and while visiting the store, he decided to eat ice cream while a black female employee was pushing his shopping cart around for him, how would that look exactly?

More importantly, what would the left say? People normally push their own shopping carts around unless they are pushing it for a friend or loved on who is disabled and can’t do so for him or herself. That makes sense obviously. In this case, it was Crazy Chains Joe Biden who stopped at a Costco Warehouse store due to the executives and co-founder of the company kissing Obama’s ring and raising $1.4 million for his re election campaign.

Since I shop at Sam’s Club, I can care less about the photo op love fest, but it’s just the irony of this picture. I remember a few months ago, progressives were foaming at the mouth when back in January Mitt Romney gave a black woman who was down on her luck fifty dollars.I wonder if this photo op could be considered a “patronizing stereotype of a back people“, also? lol


Tyrone is a Conservative and blogs at Wake Up Black America.

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