Must Know Headlines


NSA Whistleblower Explains Chilling Interview:
‘Everyone In The U.S. Is Under Virtual Surveillance’

 ATF Fires Managers Over Fast And Furious,
Obama and Holder Get Off Scot-Free

Fun Fact Of The Day: US Could Give Every Poor American A Check
For $20,000 With The Money Spent On Welfare Last Year

CAIR Targets Morsi/Brotherhood Critics

San Francisco: Pro-Hamas Protesters To Jewish Cameraman:
“You’re A F–king Murderer”

Iranians Prepare Terror Campaign Inside U.S.—
‘There Are Numerous Revolutionary Guard Cells’ Inside Borders

Barack Obama

IRS Finalizes New Tax For Medical Devices Under ObamaCare

Media Ignore Obama Power Grabs

White House Opens Its Doors To MSNBC Hosts

White House Invoices Show Excessive State Dinner Costs

It’s Christmastime For Obama’s Wealthy Bundlers

Obama Administration Oversaw Arms Shipments To Al Qaeda In Libya

Fiscal Cliff/Budget Talks

Surprise: McConnell Offers Vote On Obama/Geithner
Fiscal Cliff Plan, Reid Objects

Geithner: Raise Rates Or We’ll Go Over the Cliff

Obama Changes Tune On Budget:
Tax Hike On Rich Not Part Of 2011 Deal

Obama’s Budget Talk Aims To Bamboozle

Obama Promises To Increase Taxes On Small Business,
Then Give Them A Tax Credit

To Hit Clinton Spending Levels,
Obama Would Have To Cut 37% From Budget


Fire Boehner: We Only Need 16 Votes To Depose Boehner

Rubio To Newsmax: Obama Tax Hikes Will Devastate Consumers

Limbaugh: Planned Parenthood Trying To Eliminate Black Families

No Surprise: 2nd Highest Grossing Political Documentary
Of All Time Not Nominated For An Oscar

Democrat-Activist Media

Not News: Syria’s Rebels Want Israel’s Destruction Next

NBC Gushes Over Obama’s ‘Very Fashionable Decision’ To Possibly
Name ‘Vogue’ Editor As Ambassador

  Newsweek: What’s Next For Michelle Obama,
Our ‘Superwoman’ And ‘Incredibly  Popular’ First Lady?

Confirmed: Piers Morgan Doesn’t Get How These
Constitutional Amendment Thingies Work


Michigan To Become Ground Zero For Labor Unions

If U.S. Hikes Taxes, High-Income Californians Might Pay Almost 52 Percent