Must Know Headlines


 No Matter What Happens With Cliff–$1 Trillion
In New Obamacare Taxes Hit Jan. 1

2013: Year Of The Armed Citizen

2012 Index Of Economic Freedom

Top 10 Heritage Videos Of 2012

NYC Couple With ‘Occupy’ Ties Busted With
Weapons, ‘The Terrorist Encyclopedia’

America Doesn’t Have A Gun Problem, It Has A Gang Problem

Barack Obama

[Video] Economist: Obama ‘Has Put A Pistol To
The Head Of The Middle Class’

Obama: I Have The Stomach For Gun Control Fight

Obama Yawns As Syria Uses Chemical Weapons, Crosses ‘Red Line’

Obama: “I Cut Spending By Over A Trillion Dollars In 2011″


Rep. Raul Labrador: “Democrats Are Like Bank Robbers”
Who Want to Raise Taxes On Everyone (Video)

Sen. Reid’s Fiscal Cliff Counter-Offer:
Now You See It, Now You Don’t!


Professor Calls For Death Penalty For Climate Change ‘Deniers’

Black Grassroots Activist: Jesse Jackson Family ‘Traitors’ To Chicago

Democrat-Activist Media

The Media Are Keeping Us In The Dark On Obamacare’s
Legal Woes And Feeding Us Hobby Lobby

No, AP and Politico, It Isn’t About ‘What Hobby Lobby Says’;
It’s About What Is Actually True

NY Times: U.S. Constitution “Archaic, Idiosyncratic”
With “Downright Evil Provisions”

Lone Gun-Grab Advocating Protester Gets Headline, Photo And
Major Attention In Gun Show Coverage At Denver Station

David Gregory’s Hard-Hitting Question For Obama:
Is This Your Lincoln Moment?

Gallup: NRA More Popular Than Media