Must Know Headlines


Judicial Watch Announces List Of Washington’s
“Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” For 2012

The Untold Story Of Gun Confiscation
After Hurricane Katrina (NRA VIDEO)

150 Years Ago Yesterday… Republicans Freed The Slaves

Alex Jones Has Launched Campaign To
Encourage States To Secede From The Union

Al-Qaeda Controls A Territory Larger Than
France In New Mali Stronghold

After Being Called A Dictator, Boehner
Responds To Reid: ‘Go F— Yourself’

Why Occupy Values Lead To Occupy Violence

Democrat-Activist Media

Newspaper That Published The Names & Addresses
Of Gun Owners Hires Armed Guards

Media, Public Ignore War In Afghanistan, Drone Campaigns

Columnist Proposes Killing NRA Members,
Dragging Republicans Behind Pickups

Another Banner Year For Media Bias

Al Sharpton: After Gun Control Comes Knife Control

Morbidly Obese Filmmaker’s New Year’s Resolution:
“Stop Saying, ‘I Support The Troops.’ I Don’t”

Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper’s
Crotch On National Television

TV Guide Hails Martha Raddatz As ‘Moderator Of The Year,’
Slams Clint Eastwood, Bristol Palin


Be Not Fooled: 77% Of Americans Will Pay Higher Taxes

House Caves: Largest Drivers Of Budget Deficits Over
The Next Decade – Entitlements – Weren’t Touched By The Bill

White House Celebrates End Of GOP Allegiance To Tax Pledge

‘Fiscal Cliff’ Deal: 157 Pages, $4 Billion Tax Increase Per Page

Congressional Budget Office Shows
Senate Bill Is $600 Billion Tax Hike

It’s Not The Debt That Will Bring The U.S. To Its Knees,
But Rather The Fact That No One Cares

Hollywood Tax Credits, Rum Subsidies, Indian Coal and Scooters:
The Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill’s 4 Worst Ripoffs

Congress Fails To Make Promised Cuts,
FreedomWorks Responds

Rubio, Grassley, Lee Voted ‘No’ To Senate Deal

Barack Obama

Obama’s Tax Evaders Of The Year

Press Mum As Renditions Continue Under Obama

Obama: No More Debt Ceiling

Big Question: Will Obama Drop ‘Moderate’ Pretense?

Five Reasons The Obama Abortion-HHS
Mandate Should Upset You


Dianne Feinstein: “Mr. And Mrs. America,
Turn All [Your Guns] In.”