MSNBC Guest Draws Parallel Between Gun Owners And Child Molesters


I have an idea gun owners. When your liberal, anti-gun Democrat neighbor’s house is broken into and shot up, let them deal with it on their own. They can wait for the police to get there.


Former New York City mayoral candidate Mark Green drew a parallel between gun owners and child molesters Thursday evening on MSNBC. Green suggested that residing near gun owners and residing near child molesters may pose comparable risks, and thus there should be a registry for both:

MARK GREEN: Well it is a neighbor’s interest, even if a law-abiding person has a person, has a permit, has a gun, Adam Lanza stole a gun from his mother who he of course killed. I’m a lawyer and believe in the right to privacy. This is in the public domain. The information is publicly filed. Of course, the newspaper had a right to publish public information. The question is was it right as a matter of judgment for them to do that. If we have a Megan’s Law, and I think everybody might agree, that if you’re a convicted child molester, I think everybody might want to know that because they’re in their home safe, but they may come out. Same thing with guns. There may be people who think the more concealed weapons, the better, fine – live in Texas and Florida. READ MORE

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