Must Know Headlines


James O’Keefe Teases New Videos;
‘Some Journalists Are Going To Be Angry’

Planned Parenthood Performed 333,964 Abortions
And Received 542 Million From The Fed Gov’t

Using Gabby Giffords As A Mascot

Illinois House Passes Law Granting Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

Slavery Is Alive And Well In Liberal Minds


42 Percent Premium Hike For Younger Patients Under ObamaCare

Health Care Law Passed To Stem Rapid Rise In Insurance Costs
Causing Rapid Rise In Insurance Costs

Health Care Market Was On The Mend, Until ObamaCare

Barack Obama

Sen. Cruz Calls Obama ‘Imperial President’ Who Ignores Congress

Obama EPA Kills 15 Power Plants, 480 Jobs In Georgia

Obama Hosts Screening Of Sitcom 1600 Penn

Obama Defends Morgan’s Free Speech, Assailed Limbaugh’s

Now That Obama’s Caused US To Lose Our World Standing….What’s Next?

Muzzling Military Chaplains:
Obama Forces Them To Bow To His Agenda


Obama Advisor: Hagel Will Bring ‘Huge Cuts’ To The Military

The Problem With John Kerry And Chuck Hagel:
They Are Products Of The Vietnam Generation

Special Ops For America: ‘Deeply Concerned’ With Hagel Pick

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Uses Gabby Giffords For Massive Push To Fight ‘Gun Warfare In America’

CNN Avoids CIA Nominee Brennan’s Christmas Day Bombing Fiasco

NBCer Okay With Publishing Gun Owner Addresses:
‘We’re Not Outing Child Molesters’

Gawker Posts Full List Of All ‘A**hole’ New York City License Gun Owners

Ed Schultz: The Constitution Is ‘Archaic’
Regarding Second Amendment [VIDEO]

Piers Morgan: Alex Jones Is The Best Advertisement
For Gun Control You Could Wish For