Must Know Headlines


Top 5 Movies: 65 Violent Scenes, 185 Victims

Obama Campaign Staffers Left Unemployed And Without
Health Insurance, Not Invited To Inaugural Festivities

New Video Game Allows You To Kill NRA President

Report: Federal Welfare Spending To Increase 80 Percent In A Decade

Want To Preserve Your Children’s Future?
Slow the Growth of Welfare Spending

Smaller Paycheck? Welcome To Obama’s Post-Fiscal-Cliff World

Barack Obama

Obama’s Social Security Games Make Case For Private Pensions

W.H. Releases Letters From Little Kids Pleading For Gun Control

Drudge: Armed Guards Will Protect Obama
When He Announces Gun Control Initiative

‘Shameless’: Obama To Surround Himself With
Children For Gun-Grabbing Announcement

NRA Ad Calls Obama An ‘Elitist Hypocrite’

Obama Blames Gun Owners For “Ginning Up Fear,”
Sparking Record Gun Sales

White House Now Requires ‘We The People’ Petitions
To Have 100,000 Signatures For Official Response

White House Condemns Morsi’s Call For Destruction Of Israel,
Will Still Send Him F-16s And 200 Tanks


HHS’ Sebelius: Despite Opponents, ‘We Will Set Up
An Insurance Marketplace in Every State’

ObamaCare Gives Government Power To Intrude On Your Privacy


Confirmed: Lying Liars At DHS Delayed Arrest Of
Sen. Menendez’s Illegal Alien Intern

Cuomo Signs First US Gun Control Law Since Massacre

Planned Parenthood’s Instructions Led Women
To Die From Abortion Drug

WI School Teaches Diversity Course On ‘White Privilege’

Lib Media Owes Romney An Apology –
Chrysler Sends Jeep Jobs To China

Colin Powell No Longer Represents The Republican Party

Democrat-Activist Media

Danger: Media Adopting Anonymous’s ‘Doxing’ Tactic

Media Matters Botches Inaugural Event Story

Advocacy, Not Journalism: 13 CNN Guests Want
More Gun Control, Only 2 Argue To The Contrary

Piers Morgan To Ben Shapiro: How About Participating In A Townhall
Debate Where My Other Guests And I Can Berate You?

The Media’s Favorite Fake Republicans

Left-Wing Radio Host Who Fantasized About Beheaded Tea
Party Members Offended By ‘Gun Appreciation Day’


Allen West Goes To PJM Media