Must Know Headlines


Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling Without Balancing The Budget

47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control

7 Crappy Products, Courtesy Of The Green Movement

Obama Declares “Religious Freedom Day”
As His Admin Denies It

Hypocrite Obama & Guns

Obama Gun Order Triples Cabinet Agencies Required To Track Guns

Having Failed To Fix The Debt, Deficit And Jobs,
Obama Now Takes Aim At Gun Violence

We’re All Talking About Gun Control,
But Obama’s Working On Immigration Reform

Obama Using Gun Issue To Advance Health Law

Obama Calls On Americans To Stand Up To NRA! (Video)

FLASHBACK: In 1999, Obama Wouldn’t Support
Tougher Prosecution For School Shooters


60% Of Gun Murders Take Place In Major Cities Which Voted For Obama


Prop-A-Palooza: The Use And Abuse Of Kiddie Human Shields


Obama Tweets 8-Year-Old’s Gun Control Plea To Rally Support



Pelosi: More Gun Control Needed Because
‘We Took An Oath To Protect And Defend’

Democrats Exploit Tragedy To Implement
Their Utopian Agenda of Behavioral Control

Old White Guy Dem Rep. Jim Moran: ‘Older White Guys Most
Insecure Component of Society; Much The Problem’

NAACP: National Association For The Abortion Of Colored People

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC Parrots Obama Blaming GOP For Hypothetical Government Shutdown

Slate Writer: Your Kids Not As Important As Obama’s

NYT Columnist Retweets Message Comparing Pro-Israel Group & NRA To Pigs

Dana Loesch Destroys Piers Morgan In Gun Control Debate

CNN Helps Democratic Congressman Slam NRA, Tout Stricter Gun Regulations

CNN Joins Obama In Using Child Activists To Spread Gun Control Agenda

The View Co-Hosts Freak Out Over New NRA Ad

MSNBC Race-Hustler Toure: Any Southerner Who Signs A
Secession Petition Is Racist, “Saying We Don’t Want To Be
In A Country Run By A Black Man”