Must Know Headlines


Hume: Obama Speech ‘Should Put To Rest… Notion’ President Is ‘Centrist’

Reality Check: There Are More Terrorist Groups Active In The US
Than Any Other Country In The World


Woman Behind Roe v. Wade: “I’m Dedicating My Life To Overturning It”

Obama Celebrates 40 Years Of Abortion, Praising Roe v. Wade

Center For Reproductive Rights Produces Repulsive Video on Roe v. Wade Anniversary

NARAL President: Pro-Lifers “Gaining Ground” On Abortion


Barack Obama

Obama: Centralized Power Is The Source Of Freedom

Obama Rips ‘Name-Calling,’ Inaugural Full Of Name-Calling

Obama Speech Ignores Failed Economy; Media Gushes Anyway

“Under God” NOT Included In Obama’s Inaugural Prayer [Video]

American F-16′s Headed For Muslim Brotherhood In Egypt

Nobody Seems To Care About Obama’s Hypocrisy (Except Possibly The Oprah)

Keystone Pipeline Back In Obama’s Hands

Democrat-Activist Media

American Media Silent As Taliban Tests Obama On Inauguration Day

James Taylor: Let’s Sacrifice A Little Liberty For Safety

Media Gives First Lady A Pass On Outrageously Expensive
Inauguration Designer Duds; Went Crazy Over Ann Romney’s $990 Shirt

David Arquette: Congress Should Consider Regulating Ammunition In Films [VIDEO]

Leonardo DiCaprio To ‘Fly Around The World’ To Save Environment

ABC’s Moran Delights Over The ‘President With A
Purpose’ And His ‘History-Making Call To Action’

Schultz Excited: Obama Plans To ‘Grab The Jugular’ Of Republicans

CBS News Political Director Dickerson Doubles Down On Obama Destroying GOP

Clueless Stereotyping Piers Morgan:
“I’ve Never Met Any Latinos Who Couldn’t Dance”