Must Know Headlines


Rand Paul To Outline ‘Constitutional Conservative’
Foreign Policy, Focusing On Strong Defense

Senator: ‘We Are Losing Our Freedom’—
Republican Blasts Obamacare As ‘Greatest Assault In My Lifetime’

Allen West: Fiscal Economic Freedom Crucial
For The Next Generation (Video)

Mother Home Alone With 6-Year Old Child Stops Three Burglars With Pistol

Postmaster General: Post Office Losing $25 Million Every Day

Your Tax Dollars At Work: U Of Minn. Offers
Class On Achieving Female Orgasm

Barack Obama

Obama To Fly Over 9 Hours Just For Speech On Immigration :
The Speech & Photo-Op Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1.6 Million

Obama Campaign Arm Asking NBC For Donations

Yes, Obama Really Does Believe Media Are Too Nice To Republicans

Obama Blames Fox News And Rush Limbaugh
For “Nasty Atmosphere” In Washington


Clinton’s Angry Outburst On Benghazi Was Meant To Deceive—Not Enlighten

Sacramento City Council Member (D):
‘You Can Be Shot By An Unloaded Gun’ [Video]

Dem Under Investigation In Underage Dominican Hooker Scandal
– Leads Efforts To Ease Immigration Restraints

Democrat-Activist Media

Seven Millionaire Journalists Who Cheer For Higher Taxes

CBS Runs Segment Called ‘Let’s Give Up On The Constitution’ Writer: ‘You Bet Your Ass I’d Have
An Abortion. I’d Have The World’s Greatest Abortion.’

CNN Fawns Over ‘Love Fest’ Between ‘Political Superstars’ Obama And Clinton

Piers Morgan Accuses Hillary Clinton’s Critics Of Being “Misogynists”


New Christian Reality Show About Women Recovering From Abortion