Must Know Headlines


Cut Government Spending – No Tax Increases

GOP Control Freak Karl Rove Launches New Effort To Snuff Out Tea Party

Soros: Obama Trying To ‘Split The Republican Party’ &
Push The Tea Party ‘Out Into The Wilderness’

Someone’s Wrong: CIA And State Dept. Accounts Of Benghazi
Contradict Gen. Dempsey’s Explanation For Why DOD Sent No Help

Oprah Jeep Ad Claims “America Will Be Whole Again”…
Three Weeks After Jeep Moves Jobs To China

Energy Department Networks Hit By Sophisticated Cyber Attack

Barack Obama

Obama Shrunk Private Sector By 8.5M Jobs

Obama: More Taxes To Come, But We’ll Ramp It Up Gradually
So Maybe You Wouldn’t Realize What We Are Doing

Obama: I Won’t Hesitate To Send Women To The Front Lines

Obama Feasts On Lobster And Fine Wines While
Troops In Afghanistan Are Denied A Hot Breakfast

Obamas Host Super Bowl Party For Friends 

How Much Truth Was There In President Obama’s Pre-Super Bowl Interview?


Things Only A Democrat Could Get Away With

Labor Department Spent $230 Million On Grants With No Idea If They Worked

SEIU Officials Face State Charge For Violating Home Care Provider’s Rights

Harry Reid: We Need MORE Taxes

Democrat-Activist Media

Pelley Prompts Obama To Explain Need For Higher Taxes,
Warns Budget Cuts Could Hurt Economy

Mika: Wayne LaPierre’s ‘Stupid’ Arguments
‘Something Sarah Palin Would Say’

What A Joke! CNN’s Zakaria Doesn’t Ask Gore
About Al Jazeera’s Connection To Oil!

Counting The Ways The Media Lies About The Economy

Bill Maher Goes After Glenn Beck And His
‘Gullible Honey Boo Boo,’ ‘Rube’ Audience

NBC News Covers For Muslims’ Vicious Destruction Of Non-Islamic Artifacts

Scandal-Plagued Steve Capus Out As NBC News President


Climate Change Models Got It Wrong, Say Researchers

NYC Schools Handing Out Thousands Of Morning After Pills