Must Know Headlines


Team Obama Killed 16 Year-Old Denver Kid In Yemeni Drone Strike

Where Are Critics Of Bush Wiretapping In The Obama Drone Uproar?

Obama Homeland Only Fully Approves 10% Of Freedom Of Information Requests

Report: Black Community Still Suffering From
‘Disproportionately High Unemployment Rates’

 Entitlements And Obamacare To Make Up 53% of Federal Spending

Michigan Unions: Why Help Workers When We Can Help Ourselves?

White House: Drone Strikes On U.S. Citizens Legal, Ethical, Wise

Black Mob Beats Man Until Skull Breaks

Barack Obama

Immigration Law Enforcement Union Boss:
Obama Doesn’t Care If We Die

Obama Praises Abortion Advocate Who Called Tea Party ‘Racist,’
Suggested Mitt Romney Wants To Heave Rape Victims Into Water

President Obama’s Deep Contempt For The Rule Of Law

The President Decides He Can Kill US Citizens
Without Making A Case To A Judge

Roskam: ‘The Sequester Is The President’s Sequester’

Obama Berates Cameraman During Press Conference
“Come on Guys! You’re Breaking My Flow!” (Video)

Obama To Waste Little Time In Renewing Full-Court-Press On Israel

Obama CIA Nominee John Brennan Wrong For The Job

Gingrich: Obama Should Start With Gangs


Obama Admin: Drones Can Target Americans
Abroad Based On One Official’s Opinion

Dem Congresswoman Owes Nearly $11,000 In Taxes

You Got Your Tax Increase, Dems…Now Show Us The Money

Sebelius: ObamaCare Is The Law Of The Land,
So You Might As Well Help Us Implement It

Top Democrat Warns Others Not To Use
Term “Illegal Immigrants”, Calls Them “Citizens”

Feds Issue Regs To Ban Chips, Candy From Schools

Illegal Aliens Interrupt House Hearing On Immigration (Video)

Democrat-Activist Media

Kooky Krugman Calls NRA ‘Insane,’ Calls For
‘Death Panels’ To Cut Health-Care Costs

Media Celebrating “The Second Coming” Of Barack Obama

Chris Matthews: GOP Spent Months Trying To Prevent Blacks,
Poor And Young From Voting

BuzzFeed Plays Nice With Rubio, Attacks Once Back Turns

body Wants to Talk About CNN’s ‘Ethnic’ Problem

New Drone Superfan Touré ‘Very Comfortable’ With Killing Al-Qaeda Leaders