Must Know Headlines


“Machine-Buster” Republican Paul McKinley
For Congress Releases New Ad (Video)

AWESOME – Dan Bongino: “In A Society Of Wolves,
You DO NOT Fight Back By Creating More Sheep!”

NAACP Threatens To Sue LifeNews, Black Pro-Life Leader

Dear Congress, Please Privatize The Post Office

Americans Prefer Illegal Immigrants Head Home

Obama’s Jihad In Egypt: #Tahrir Sign “Down With
The American Democratic Party The Ally Of Morsi”

We Are On The Brink Of The Senate Giving
US Prez Power To Kill Whomever He Wants

Barack Obama

Obama Tells NARAL: We Celebrate Roe, 55 Million Abortions

Obama Nominee Won’t Release Foreign Funding Details

Conflict Of Interest? Obama Transit Board Chair
Investigating Husband’s Company’s Competitor

Head Of Obama’s Dark-Money Group Decries Citizens United

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Drone Policy Means You Can Kill
 A Terrorist You Just Can’t Waterboard Him (Video)

Panetta To Propose Military Pay Cut After
Obama Raised Federal Officials Pay


CBO Update: Obamacare Will Cost $1.3T, Account For 53% Of All
Federal Spending — And 7 Million People Will Lose Insurance

Obamacare Rule Could Hike Grocer Costs By $1 Billion

Utah Is The 28th State To Refuse To Adopt A Federal Health Care Exchange

Levin: Kasich Has Thrown Away His Career As A Conservative Over ObamaCare

Michigan Republican Governor Snyder Backs Medicaid Expansion

FRC Shooter

Man Who Shot Up Family Research Council: I Wanted To Kill As
Many As Possible And Smear Chick-Fil-A In Their Faces

Family Research Council Shooter: I Got The Idea From Lib Group’s ‘Hate Map’

FRC Shooter Pleads Guilty, Admits He Was Inspired By
Left-Wing Website; WashPost Ignores That Critical Detail

Democrat-Activist Media

Lean Forward: Rev. Al Sharpton Drops ‘God’ From Pledge Of Allegiance

PBS NewsHour Notes Concerns Over Drone Killings;
Fails To Mention Liberal Rage Over Waterboarding

‘Identity Thief’ Slams Traditional Americans As Racist

2016 Begins? ABC Mocks: Chris Christie Should ‘Lay Off The Doughnuts’

CNN Warns: Christie’s So Fat He Could Die In Office

Layoffs Cost Time Inc. $100 Million


Sen. Menendez’s Hookergate Uncovers Political Corruption