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Union Leader: ‘ICE Is Crumbling From Within’ Because Obama
Won’t Let Agents Arrest Illegal Aliens

ICE Agent Rep: Feds Making Officers ‘Enemy’— ‘Napolitano Described These
Policies As Smart. Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth’

How The Obama Administration Inflates Deportation Statistics

Napolitano: ‘Our Borders Have Never Been Stronger’

Are Hispanic-Americans Offended By Chants Of USA?

Vicious Libs Call Marco Rubio ‘Coconut,’ ‘Uncle Tom,’ Tool For White GOP

Barack Obama

Obama: It’s ‘Romantic’  To Spend Valentine’s Day With The Press

Obama Fires 20,000 Marines, But Sends
$700 Million to Palestinian Terrorists 

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Nominee Gets Free Pass
On Cayman Islands Investments

Watchdog Group:$83B To Implement Obama’s SOTU Policies

We Already Have An Election Commission—And Obama Has Ignored It


Former WH Chief Of Staff: No Idea Why Exec Branch
Excluded From ObamaCare

Jack Lew Oversaw Up To 113 Cayman Island Investment Funds

Waters (D): OFAc4 Database To Have Info ‘About Everything On Every Individual’

New NARAL President: Abortion is Like A Wish-Granting Genie

Harry Reid: We Need The “Wealthiest Among Us”
To Pay Even More To Reduce The Deficit

Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Uses ‘Slave’ Card To Urge Sequester Vote

Democrat-Activist Media

Compliant Media Is Key To Obama Strategy

Biden Calls On “Legitimate News Media”
To Help W.H. Push Gun Control Agenda [Video]

Rubio Water-Swig Replay Tally:
MSNBC 155, CNN 34, Fox News 12 [VIDEO]

Maher: Rubio’s A ‘Shameless Liar’ For Saying
Obama Created More Debt Than Bush

Obama Shill George Stephanopoulos Grills Rubio:
‘Can You’ ‘Pledge’ Not To Undermine The Economy?

Even Though It’s True, Bill Maher Said: Rubio’s A ‘Shameless Liar’
For Saying Obama Created More Debt Than Bush

CNN Absurdly Asks If Rubio’s Sip Of Water Was ‘Career-Ender’

DISGUSTING: CNN Panel Says Dorner’s Murdering
Rampage “Exciting…Like ‘Django Unchained’ In Real life”


DePaul Student Admits Vandalizing Pro-Life Display,
Claims It Somehow Violated His Rights