Must Know Headlines


Why Not A $100 Per Hour Minimum Wage?

Report: $2 Billion Spent Annually For Medicaid Emergencies,
Largely For Illegal Immigrant Anchor Baby Deliveries

Elementary School Bans White Kids From Tutoring

Krauthammer: Definition Of A Liberal Is To Take
Failed Program And ‘Double Down And Make It Universal’

Well, That Worked Out Well: 92% Of Pakistanis Now Dislike America

Hero-Worship For A Cold-Blooded Killer:
The Cult Of Christopher Dorner


Coalition Letter: Congress Must Honor Sequester
Savings And Defund ObamaCare Before It Is Too

More Than 30 States Rebuke Obamacare Exchanges

Barack Obama

Obama’s Economic Growth Record Is The Worst In 60 Years

President Obama’s Minimum Wage Delusion

The Jack Lew Appointment: Classic Obama Hypocrisy

Obama’s Hijacking The American Dream

President AWOL: Obama Made No Calls On
Night Of 9-11 As Terrorists Stormed US Consulate

Michelle Vacationing Separately From President Obama

Hero Of The Working Class Barack Obama’s
Drops $900 On Valentine’s Day Dinner

More On Obama Nominee’s (Hagel) Al Jazeera And Arab Connections

Preschool On Break This Week Re-Opens For Obama Visit

The Campaigner-In-Chief’s Dishonest Tweets

Obama Sure Was Happy To Meet The
Guy Who Released Romney’s 47% Comment


Harkin: No Spending Problem, And We’re Not Broke

USDA Employees Forced To Repeat:
‘The Pilgrims Were Illegal Aliens’ [VIDEOS]

California Police Chief: ‘A Gun Is Not A Defensive Weapon — That Is A Myth’

Sheila Jackson Lee, In Congress: ‘I Stand Here As A Freed Slave’

Professor Bans Citing Fox News, Claiming It Makes Her Cringe

Boxer Introduces Carbon Tax Bill Three Months
After WH Promised ‘We Would Never Propose’ One

Democrat-Activist Media

NY Times ‘News Analysis’ Promotes Myth Obama Is Cutting Spending

Sources Confirm U.S. Gun-Running To Jihadists:
Center Of Benghazi Scandal Still Ignored By Media

Our Incorrigible Media:
Conservatives Report, Liberals Whine

Schultz: No Way Will Raising The Minimum Wage Hurt Small Businesses

Watergate: Media Desperate To Destroy Rubio

MSNBC Host Calls On Obama To Create Executive Climate Change ‘Regime’

Chris Matthews Whines: Why Did They Dislike Hagel
And Love (Wayne) La Pierre? This Reign Of Terror Has To End

More New York Times Happy Talk On Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants 


Parents Can’t Force Teen Daughter To Have An Abortion, For Now