Must Know Headlines


It’s An Obama World… Americans Continue To
Renounce Citizenship Over High Taxes

Taxpayers Fund Study Linking Tea Party To Big Tobacco

Sanctuary Policies Aid Gang-Run Prostitution Rings In DC

Republican-Led House Tries To Block Obama’s Order To Raise Federal Salaries

After Fox News Hires Herman Cain, Vile Libs Cry ‘Uncle Tom,’ ‘House N*gger’

Union Faces Charges For Attempting To Bribe Employees With Money,
Immigration Promises Into Supporting Organizing Drive

IPT Uncovers Image From Hagel’s ADC Speech


Obama Admin Winds Down Plan For ‘Uninsurables’

“Final” Deadline Arrives For Health Insurance Exchanges,
Majority Of States Still Resisting ObamaCare

 Barack Obama

Obama’s Nominees Exhibit Extremism And Incompetence

Obama’s Non-Partisan Campaign Selling Access To Obama For $500,000

Obama To Receive Golf Lessons From Tiger Woods’ Ex-Coach

Payback Time: A Vindictive Obama Administration Is Going After Not Only
Standard & Poors For Daring To Downgrade The U.S. Credit Rating

Obama’s Minimum Wage Increase Fallacy


Rep. Rangel (D-N.Y.) To Introduce Legislation That Would
Bring Back Military Draft & Extend It To Women

New York Democrat Filed Bill To Require $1 Million
In Liability Insurance For Gun Owners

Nancy Pelosi: Congressional Pay Cut Would Diminish
The Dignity Of  Lawmakers’ Jobs


Anita Dunn Says Fox News’ “Alternative Universe” Is Crumbling

Democrats: No VT Skiing, Maryland Destroyed If Global Warming Not Addressed

Harkin: ‘Is It a Spending Problem? No … It’s A Misallocation Of Wealth’

Democrat-Activist Media

Politico’s Aggressively Stupid Story On Conservative Reporters

False Media Narrative: Hagel Filibuster ‘Unprecedented’

WaPo Buries Another Failed Green Energy/Jobs Venture to Page A11

PolitiFact Labels Totally True Rubio Statement
On Obama And Sequester ‘Half True’

NBC News Cuts Passenger Off, Won’t Allow Bible Verse To Be Quoted

Cable News Replayed Clip Of Rubio Sipping
Water More Than 200 Times Yesterday

AP Is Horrified At Obama-Hating Utah:
 ‘Unyielding GOP Politicians Doing What Voters Ask’

Media Targets Evil Carnival Cruise Company
Because They Must Politicize Everything

“Hispanic” Activist Eva Longoria

MSNBC’s Hardball Panel: ‘Evil, Snarling, Troll’ Dick Cheney

Chris Matthews Snarls That Ted Cruz Is The New ‘Joe McCarthy’