Must Know Headlines


13,753 Government Requests For Google E-Mail Data
In 2012 – A New Record – Most Without A Warrant

What If Republican Todd Akin Advocated Rape Whistles?

Woman Biden Told To ‘Buy A Shotgun’ Calls Advice ‘Sexist’

Homeschoolers Barred From High School Sports
But Illegal Immigrant Peers Play On

The Left Is Circling The Wagons Against Dr. Ben Carson

Firearms Companies Restricting Sales To GOVERNMENT
Agencies In Areas That Restrict Gun Rights

Barack Obama

Obama Sends US Troops In Niger To Set Up Drone Base

The Obama Regime’s Sensitivity Training (VIDEO)

HHS: $8 Bil Pre-K Program Touted By Obama Isn’t Working

Shameless: Obama Recruits Gabby Giffords Photo For Gun-Grabbing Campaign

Oh, That’s Rich! Obama Says Republicans Are United By
Their Love Of Money While Ignoring Dem Wealth


Oregon Democrats Push Legislation To Ban
Guns and Search Homes Without Warrants

Dem Mayor Claims He Was Too Stupid To Know Stealing Is A Crime

Pelosi: Oh, This Minimum Wage Thing Is Happening, Just Get Ready

Bob Menendez, Of All People, Co-Sponsors Sex Education Bill

Why Do Democrats Hate American Manufacturers?

Biden Advises Gun Owners To Act Illegally

More Democrat Green Hypocrisy – California State Senator Michael Rubio,
 To Become A Lobbyist For Chevron – Supermajority Is Toast

Biden: ‘Those Who Fear Their Constitutional 2nd Amendment
Rights Are Being Infringed Are –Criminals’ [Video]

Democrat-Activist Media

On CNN, Cause Of Chicago Violence Is – You Guessed It – The GOP

Media’s Inconvenient Victim: Columbine’s Evan M. Todd

MSNBC’s Wagner Omits Report Showing
American Energy Independence by Oil

CBS Sympathizes With ‘Beloved’ Mayor Who
Lost $1 Billion Gambling; Omits She’s A Democrat

ABC News Hits Walmart: Turns Employee Theft Into ‘Snacking’

NBC’s Todd: GOP ‘Begging The Media To Say It’s Obama That Started The Sequester’

Cher Calls GOP Star Ted Cruz A ‘Bigot,’ ‘Creature From The Nether Regions’

Panic! ABC Warns Of Sequester ‘Fiscal Emergency’ To ‘Cripple’ Much Of America


The Bush Tax Cuts Explained: Where Are They Now?