Must Know Headlines


Let’s Build On The Paul Filibuster

Number Of Illegals Caught In Texas Spikes –
With Many Expecting Immediate Release By ICE

Federal Workers Owe $3.5 Billion In Back Taxes

Rotten To The Core: The Feds’ Invasive Student Tracking Database

 Andy McCarthy: Holder Is Trying To Get KSM Into
Civilian Court Using Bin Laden Son-In-Law

 U.S. Postpones Honoring Anti-American
Egyptian Activist Who Celebrated 9/11

Michigan: School Confiscates Cupcakes Decorated With Toy Soldiers

CIA Chief Brennan

CIA Chief Brennan Takes Oath On Draft
Constitution — With No Bill Of Rights

No Bible For Brennan Swearing In

 Barack Obama

Obama Proposed Vaccine Cuts,
But White House Blamed Sequestration

Obama Outings And Vacations Still In Full Swing
While The People’s House Remains Closed

North Korean Threat:
Obama Administration Undermines Missile Defense

Obama Chooses To Preserve Golf Outings
Instead Of WH Tours For Kids

Obama’s Dog BO Keeps His Motorcade Through Sequester Cuts

Obama Budget To Be Submitted Even Later

Men Earn Less Under Obama Than Carter

Obama Flails As Republicans Stand Firm On Sequester

 Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Goes After Obese Parents

First Lady: ‘Imagine’ An America Where Kids Beg For
‘More Fruits, Vegetables’ – ‘It Is Possible To Create This World!’


Dianne Feinstein: ‘It’s Legal To Hunt Humans’
With High-Capacity Magazines [VIDEO]

Democrat Accused Of Corrupt Ties To Hugo
Chavez Represents U.S. At Funeral

What Is The U.S. Doing At Chavez’s Funeral?

Jesse Jackson At Chavez Funeral: ‘He Lifted The Poor’
And ‘Helped Them Realize Their Dreams’

Jackson Compares Chavez  To Founding Fathers

Democrat-Activist Media

Hey Ed Schultz: Your Employer MAKES Those Drones!

Media Waved Pom-Poms For Obama On Sequester

78% Of MSNBC Viewers Responding To Poll
Approve Of “Targeted Killing Of American Citizens”

War On Women? Matthews, Olbermann Forced
Pregnant Norah O’Donnell To Work Until 2 AM

Once More… Salon, Huffpo Misleading Liberals
That Juan Williams Is A Conservative Fox Host

CNN Selectively Edits Fox News
President Quote To Imply Racism


International Women’s Day Celebrants Ignore Abortion Killing Women