Must Know Headlines


ICE Agent Reveals Shocking Details About Obama’s
Dismantling Of Immigration Enforcement 

Here’s What GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Found At The U.S.-Mexico Border In Arizona

Cost Of Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubles In Three Years

Dr. Ben Carson To Mark Levin: ‘Vicious White Liberals Are
The Most Racist’; Vicious Libs Prove Him Right

Our ‘We Don’t Give A Damm’ First Family

 Michelle O: “I’m Tripping Out” Over Harrison Ford

Barack Obama

First Couple Hosts Celeb-Filled Concert Amid Sequestration

Obama Pushes ‘To Make More Home Loans Available To People With Weaker Credit’

Obama’s Chicago Dead Last In Federal Gun Prosecutions

Obama Administration Won’t Call Fort Hood Terrorist Attack,
Denies Victims Purple Heart

Obama Criticized For Using Dated, Disputed Gun Stat To Sell Background Checks

Leading From Behind, Obama Hands Europe A Back Seat

Obama’s Alinsky Tactics Go Into Overdrive

Obama Names Self ‘Scientist-In-Chief’ —
Asks Congress For $100 Million For ‘BRAIN Initiative’


Michigan Unions Locking Workers Into Long Term Contracts
To Avoid Right-To-Work Law

WH: Immigration Reform ‘Will Be Good For The Middle Class’

 Michelle Malkin Takes On Columbia For Hiring Former
Domestic Terrorist And Murderer Kathy Boudin As Professor

5 Gun-Control Bills You Haven’t Heard Of Yet

New Planned Parenthood Statement Defends Pro-Infanticide Remarks

 Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Student Group,
Allows Students For Justice In Palestine

Leftists Who Calls Himself Laurence Walsh On Twitter
Threatens To Shoot And Kill Dana Loesch And Her Family

Dem Rep. Degette Mocks Senior Citizen – Says “You’d Probably Be
Dead Anyway” If Confronted By Armed Criminals (Video)

 Gay Marriage Supporters See Gender Of Parents As Irrelevant


Oops! Sorry! Another Obamacare Goal Missed:
Small Businesses Won’t Have A Choice Option

States Find ObamaCare Exchange ‘Benchmark’ Insurance Plans Too Expensive

ObamaCare’s Tax Surprise

Obamacare Causes Doctor To Retire

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Redefines Racism –
Apparently Only ‘Whites’ Are Racist

AP Drops “Illegal Immigrant”; SF Chronicle Already Calling Them “Americans”

The Open-Borders Reporters Who Banned “Illegal Immigrant”

Once Again, MSNBC Talking Head Calls Unborn Babies “Things”

Former DNC Spokeswoman Karen Finney Gets MSNBC Program

CNN Panel Whitewashes Media Bias On Gay Marriage; ‘In The Middle’

ABC Ignores Own Scoop; Skips Latest On Fort”


Australia To Bypass U.S. Dollar, Convert Directly Into Chinese Yuan
Hood Victims Being Denied Purple Hearts