Must Know Headlines


Socialist Leaders Condemn Wealth But Still Get Rich

For Sequester, Kerry, Worth $198.65 Million, To Give $9,175 To Charity

$700 Mil In Hurricane Recovery Funds Gone With The Wind

What The Left Misunderstands About Poverty And Dependency

Afghan Government Illegally Detains, Beats American, Wants $2.4M For Him

Intelligence Sources: NKorea Hides Missiles On Its East Coast

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Alien Murders AZ Mom For Denying Him
Sex With Her 13-Year Old Daughter

Immigration Bill Would Import 1 Million Workers Per Year

Illegals Now Flooding U.S. Border

Border Patrol Now Experiencing An Ammunition Shortage

Immigration Reform Could Cost Up To $40 Billion
Per Year Just For Medicaid And Obamacare

Brave New Leftist World: Facebook Forming Political Action Group
– First Project: Illegal Alien Amnesty


ObamaCare To Create 100,000s Of Jobs
In The Field Of Explaining ObamaCare

Sequester (GOP) Blamed For Medicare Woes,
Not Obamacare Cutting $714 Billion Out Of The Program

Obamacare Loans Totaling $127 Million Last Year Went To Groups
Led By People Involved In Insider Trading And
A Long History Of Child Sexual Abuse

Labor Unions

Unions Target Michigan Right To Work

Hostess Delivery Driver Wins $47,000 In Federal Case
Challenging Teamster Union Boss Discrimination

Barack Obama

Mark Levin: ‘Are There No Limits On This King And Queen In The WH’

First Lady Michelle Obama Describes Herself As A ‘Busy Single Mother’

Obama On Pelosi: She Never Lets Ideology Cloud Her Judgment

White House Scraps Jewish Heritage Month Reception

Democrat-Activist Media

AP Tries Out New Terminology After Illegal Alien
Allegedly Kills Arizona Mother

Conservative Leaders Demand Networks Lift Embargo
On Mass-Murdering Abortion Doctor

NPR: Obamacare ‘Great,’ But Public ‘So Confused’
By ‘Misinformation And Disinformation’

Top Liberal Blog Daily Kos Wants Religious
Right “Bigots” Violently “Fisted” With Spiked Gloves

On Good Friday, Taxpayer Funded NPR Denies
Jesus Was God, Compares Him To IRA Terrorist Instead

Supporters Of Second Amendment Want To Shoot You, Maddow Warns

Snoop Lion Releases ‘No Guns Allowed’ Music Video

MSNBC Host: Ben Carson Just A Black Sarah Palin, A Fire Thrower

CBS Asserts Biden’s Gaffes Are ‘Almost Endearing’ To Voters

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: America’s ‘Kids Belong To Their Communities’


Gruesome Gosnell Case Shows Abortion Clinic Workers Need Prayer