Must Know Headlines


‘Armed And Dangerous’: Beck’s Latest Revelations On Saudi National
Once Considered ‘Person Of Interest’ In Boston Bombings

Document: House GOP Report On Benghazi

Are These Pictures Of Michelle Obama Visiting The
Saudi Student Put On A Watchlist Last Week?

Gov’t Spending $152,500 For Voice Therapy For Transgenders

Feds Give City That Killed 400 Trees $1.5 Mil To Plant More

Union Bosses Caught Diverting Charitable Donations To Union Coffers

9,646 Reasons to Dislike The Internet Sales Tax

Fight Back! Privatize The FAA!

Boston Bombers

Tamerlan Tsarnaev And Family Received Welfare

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva Tells CNN: “I Don’t Care If My Youngest Son
Is Killed. I Don’t Care If I Am Killed. I Will Say Allahu Akbar

Mosque Boston Bombers Attended Has Ties To Radical Islamists, Jihadists

Russians Contacted FBI ‘Multiple’ Times On Older Bomber Suspect

Napolitano Admits DHS Knew Of Boston Bomber’s Russia Trip

Boston Bomber Database Error Underscores Terrorism Watch List Weaknesses

Boston Bomber Exposes Islamist Secret

 ILLEGAL Immigration

Immigration Reform Helps Politicians, Not The People

Illegal Alien Amnesty Would Have Given Obama A Landslide Victory

Demint: Gang Of Eight Repubs Gave In To Dems On Amnesty

Barack Obama

$3 Million Retirement Cap In Obama’s Budget Would Not Apply To Him

Nonpartisan Analysis: Obama Budget Hikes Taxes
On “Earners At Nearly Every Income Level”

Obama Budget Shows Middle-Class Tax Pledge Was  Fraud

Voter Fraud: Obama Failed To Qualify For Indiana Ballot?
How Many Other States?

Obama Counts on Media To Shift Blame For Flight Delays

President Obama’s Symbiotic Relationship With The Abortion Industry


Judge Tosses Three Murder Counts Against Kermit Gosnell

Dropped Gosnell Charge Was Of Newborn Tossed In Shoe Box, Still Breathing

Dropped Gosnell Charge Includes 28-Week Old “Baby Boy B” Found In Freezer

Staffer Said Baby In Dropped Gosnell Charge Was “Beheaded”


 DNC Uses Boston Bombing To Gain Email Addresses

John Kerry’s Obscene Moral Equivalence –Compares
Boston Jihad Victims To Gaza Flotilla Terrorists

Dems Want Abortion Allowed In Military Facilities

Kathleen Sebelius Claimed Obamacare Isn’t Causing Workweek Reductions

Gloria Steinem Compares U.S. ‘Reproductive Freedom’
Limits To Saudi Arabian Subjugation Of Women

Democrat-Activist Media

WashPost Suggests It’s Not The Tsarnaevs
That Are Sick, But Islamophobic  Americans

Chris Matthews On Boston Terrorists –
What Difference Does It Make Why They Did It

CNN Interviews Terrorist Sympathizers

Think Progress: Don’t Blame Terrorism, Blame Boxing