Must Know Headlines


Obama USDA/Mexico Spanish-language Flyer: Get Kids On Food Stamps
Without  Revealing ‘Your  Immigration Status’

‘Prophet Muhammed’ Threatens Catholic School With Terror In Online Forum

Domestic Terrorist Says He Targeted FRC After Finding It On
Southern Poverty Law Center Website’s Anti-Gay Hate Map

Newtown Voters Reject Budget Hiring Security Guards For Schools

State Dept Changes View On Syria In 24 Hrs, Can’t Explain Why

Immigrant: We Don’t Want to Turn America Into
The Same Crappy Place We Came From


Obamacare Officials Exempted From Furloughs

Obamacare: Insurer Wants 25 Percent Premium Increase—
But Will Still Lose Money

Barack Obama

Bolton: Obama Blind to Terror Link In Benghazi, Boston

Rep.  Louie Gohmert: Obama Middle East Policy Shaped
By Pro-Muslim Brotherhood  Advisers

Obama Continues Universal Preschool Push In Budget

Obama Bashes GOP On Immigration At Bush Library Address


Gloria Platko – Michigan Democrat Calls Black Man An Arrogant Nigger

Barney—Had Gay Prostitution Ring Run Out Of His Basement—
Frank Compares Al-Qaeda To Tea Party

[PHOTO] Michelle Obama Visiting Shadowy Terror Suspect
Saudi National Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi In The Hospital ??

OFA: “There’s A Price To Pay For Being A Climate Denier”

Boston Bombers

Bombers’  Mosque In Boston A Factory For Terrorists

Boston Bomber Magistrate’s Middle Eastern Connections

Boston Bombers Planned Times Square Hit With 1 Pressure Cooker & 5 Pipe Bombs

Gov’t Officials Won’t Release Welfare Info For Dead
Boston Terrorist, Citing His ‘Privacy Rights’

Mrs. Boston Bomber May Have Been An Accessory After The Fact

  Vienna: Muslims Demonstrate Outside U.S. Embassy
In Support Of The Boston Jihad Bomber

Democrat-Activist Media

How The Associated Press Is White-Washing Islamism

Mother Jones: ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ Killed More Since 9/11 Than Islamic Terror

Airbrush Much? Maddow Scrubs Obama Pal Ayers
from Her History Of ’60s Era  Bombings

Media Self-Censorship: Ban “Illegal Immigrant”

David Letterman Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a ‘Stooge’ For Opposing Gun Control

CBS Devotes Just 13 Seconds To Gosnell Trial; ABC, NBC Ignore It

Eleven More Seconds Of Gosnell Trial Coverage On CBS;
More Crickets From ABC And NBC