16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Thanks Barack… Shorter Work Week Equivalent To 500,000 Jobs Lost

Despite Sequester, DOD Signs Contract For $59/Gallon Green Jet Fuel

Federal Prisons Plan To Release More Inmates On ‘Compassionate’ Grounds

“He Pulled Me Out Of One Of My Darkest Times” –
Soldier Reunited With Cat He Had In Afghanistan

The Pentagon Sure Is Becoming Anti-Christian

Illinois AG Fights CAIR In Court, Lauds It In Public

More Money Won’t Prevent An ObamaCare Train Wreck

Barack Obama

President Signed Sequester Cuts Despite Efforts To Portray
Them In Worst Possible Light, Make Them Painful

  Clarence Thomas: Obama ‘Approved By The Elites’ Because
He Says What They ‘Expect From A Black Person’

White House For Sale? Obama Puts Bundlers In Top Posts

Obama  Comfortable With FDA Decision To
Let 15-Year-Olds Buy Morning-After Pill

 Obama (Still) Bankrolling ‘Green’ Projects Abroad

Counterterrorism Expert: Obama Admin ‘Threw Dr. Afridi
Under The Bus For Political Purposes’

Obama Panders To Big Labor Commies On Workers Memorial Day


Obama State Department  Hired Al-Qaida-Linked
Group To Defend Benghazi Mission

Obama And Clinton Blocked Military Rescue Efforts In Benghazi

This Is An Active, Multi-Department Cover-Up

 CBS News’ Attkisson: ‘Sometimes I Feel Alone’ Pursuing Benghazi Story

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Alien Border Crossings TRIPLE As
‘Gang Of 8′ Amnesty Talk Heats Up

The Gang Of Eight Immigration Bill In One Infographic


Democratic Senator Defends Speech To May Day Audience
That Allegedly Included Communist, Socialist Groups

Liberals Freak Out Over Prospect Of
Koch Brothers Buying The LA Times

Bolivian President Ejects USAID From
Country Over John Kerry’s (D) Remarks

Bill Clinton To Democrats: Forget 1994, Gun Control Is A Winner

The Left’s Sick Fetish For Cop-Killing Radicals

Did Pennsylvania Democrat Allyson Schwartz
Send Women To Gosnell’s House Of Horrors?

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Downplay Tsarnaev Connection To Muslim
Brotherhood Linked Student Group

Video: Gosnell Who? Steven Crowder Exposes The
Result Of Big Media Blackout On Kermit Gosnell

NBC Censors ‘Too Gruesome’ Gosnell Abortion Murder Details

White Guy Host On MSNBC:  Only “White Guys”
Care About The Second Amendment

Major Mainstream Outlet Parts Ways With Prominent
Journalist After Blog Post About Gay NBA Player

On PBS’s Charlie Rose Show: ‘Obama Will Go Down
As One Of The Top  American Presidents’


James Carville: ‘I Don’t View Rachel Maddow As Far Left’

Al Gore Proud Of Current TV; Claims It “Lifted Up” Occupy Movement

AP Highlights GOP Problems For 2016, Ignores Democrat Baggage

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