Must Know Headlines


 Ted Cruz: Abolish IRS & Make The Tax Code Fairer And Flatter

Gosnell Jurors: Hard To See Photos Of Babies With Snipped Necks

IRS And HHS Building Largest Personal Information
Database Govt. EVER Attempted 

VICTORY: Federal Judge Upholds AZ Gov.
Brewer’s Order Denying Licenses To Illegal Aliens

After Round 3 Of Markups, Gang Of Eight’s Amnesty
Bill Still Does Nothing To Prevent Next Amnesty


Benghazi Narrative Shift Was Perfectly Clintonian

State Dept Employees ‘Held Accountable’ For Benghazi
Failures Still Receiving Paychecks

Benghazi: The Anatomy Of A Scandal; How The Story
Of A U.S. Tragedy Unfolded —  And Then Fell Apart

Boston Bombers

DHS Keeps Boston Bombers’ Immigration Records Secret

IN HIS OWN WORDS: Boston Bomber Ties Attacks To His Faith

Boston Bombers’ Mosque Recommended Men Beat Their Wives


Senate Democrats Block Resolution Condemning
The IRS For Targeting Conservatives

Obama Admin Wins Ruling To Deport German Homeschooling Family

Pelosi: GOP ‘Makes So Much’ Of Scandals
Because Obama Is ‘Such A Great President’ 

Pelosi On Obamacare: It Will Cost More To Repeal It

Feds Killing Off Private Bus Lines Based On Fraudulent Study

Barack Obama

Obama Evades Question On When He Knew Of IRS Actions

 White House Lied About Editing Benghazi Talking Points

Obama Breaches Marine Umbrella Protocol


Obama’s Campaign Spokeswoman Now
The Voice Of The State Department

Report: White House Didn’t Want Story AP Was Monitored
Over Published Until Obama Could Brag About It

Another Federal Appeals Court Strikes
Down Obama Labor Board Recess Appointments 

Obama’s IRS

Obama’s New Pick To Head IRS Furthered Sequester Fable In February

IRS Exec At Heart Of Targeting Scandal Collected Big Bonuses

The President’s Non-Answer Is An Admission That The
White House Knew What The IRS Was Doing

Meet The Partisan Union Behind The
Partisan Internal Revenue Service

Outrageous! St. Louis TV Host Taken Off Air
After Talking About IRS Harassment

Director Of IRS Tax-Exempt Determinations Office Is Obama Donor

Why Is The IRS Regulating Speech In The First Place?

Eric Bolling: I Was Audited After Criticizing Obama

Tea Party Member Wants To Know Why His Name Became
Part Of IRS Questionnaire To Other Tea Party Groups

IRS Targeted Leadership Institute With ‘Harassing’ Audit

Anti-Obama Filmmaker Charges Harassment By IRS

IRS-Gate: The Potential Criminal Implications

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Ignores Abortion Doc Who Killed Babies With His Bare Hands

WaPo Reports White House Addressing ‘Gender Salary Gap,
‘ Omits That It Pays  Women 88.3% Of What Men Earn

Associated Press Left To Fight Alone By Major Media

Daughter Of Obama Donors Gets
First Question At Obama Press Conference

ABC Drama Warns Of ‘Conservative Overlords’
Bringing Anti-Black ‘Salem Witch  Trials’ To DC

The Drive-Bys Haven’t Turned On Obama —
They’re Helping Him Cement The Limbaugh Theorem

Chris Matthews: 10-20 Percent Of America Don’t Support
Obama Because They  Believe ‘White Race Must Rule’