Must Know Headlines


Report: Obama DOJ Seized Records Of Five Fox News Phone Numbers

Fox News’ Bret Baier: The DOJ Also Seized Phone Records Of James Rosen’s Parents

The Obama Objective: To Control The News

Police State! Obama Sends DHS Armed Guards To Tea Party Protests

Ft. Hood Shooter Paid More Than $275k While In Prison

*Ugh* Audience Chants “Si Se Puede!” After Senate Committee
Passes ‘Gang Of 8′ Immigration Bill (Video)

 Appeals Court Strikes Down Arizona Law Banning Abortions At 20 Weeks


Military Suffers Wave Of ‘Gay’ Sex Assaults

Pro-Internet-Tax Groups Get The Facts Wrong


Giant Octopus: IRS Has 8 Offices To Enforce Obamacare

Yet Another Obamacare Design Flaw

Obama IRS

 IRS’s Lerner Had History Of Harassment,
Inappropriate Religious Inquiries At FEC

IRS Official Who Targeted Tea Party,
Also Targeted Conservative Groups In The 90s

Top IRS Official Will Invoke The Fifth Amendment In Congressional
Hearing About Tea Party Targeting Program

Senator To IRS: ‘That’s A Lie By Omission’

White House Plotted With Treasury On How To Reveal IRS Misdeeds 

IRS Slow-Walks Tax-Exempt Status For Wyoming Conservative Think Tank


New Benghazi Revelations: Ambassador Stevens Was In
Libya To Buy Back Missiles Clinton Had Sold To Al-Qaeda

PJ Media: More Devastating Whistleblowers Coming Forward

Whoa: US Hasn’t Detained Five Benghazi Terrorists
Due To Trial-Related Evidentiary Concerns

State Dept Employees ‘Held Accountable’ For Benghazi Receiving Pay, Not Working

Benghazi Suspects ID’d, But Administration Won’t Nab Them
Because It Doesn’t Want To Send Them To Gitmo


Liberals Blaming Oklahoma Tornado On Global Warming
Ignore Record Low Tornado Activity

It Only Took Five Minutes For Democrats
To Politicize The Oklahoma Tornado

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Bloggers, Columnists Seen In West Wing For WH Meeting

BuzzFeed Staffer: Ted Cruz ‘Latino In Name Only’

White House Now Writing Reuters Headlines, Apparently

In The 1970s Newsweek AND Time Magazines Blamed Tornadoes On Global COOLING

Jon Stewart Is Criticizing Obama Too Late

Three Labor Unions, Including Teamsters,
Want ObamaCare Repealed; When Will  Media Report?

Lila Rose: Media Hide Abortion Dangers To Women

MSNBC’s Schultz Admits He Doesn’t Know Much
About ObamaCare, Still Fawns Over Law

NY Times Defames Sheldon Adelson

Robert Gibbs Takes A Swipe At Maureen Dowd—Dowd Fires Back [Video]


Oklahoma Senators Embrace Disaster Aid After Opposing Sandy Relief Bill