Must Know Headlines


Obama Goons Threatened 10,000 GOP Donors With
Legal Trouble For Donating To Republicans

State Dept. Official Who Altered Benghazi Talking
Points Promoted; Only Fox Covered

 Sarah Palin: Let’s Fund White House Tours With Lois Lerner’s Salary

Intense Christian Persecution In The Central African Republic Ignored By The World

Illegal Immigrant Charged With Intoxication
Manslaughter In Harris County Deputy’s Death


Expert Tells Congress Unborn Babies Can Feel Pain Starting At 8 Weeks

Congressional Testimony: Standard Late-Term Abortion
Method More Brutal Than Gosnell’s ‘Snippings’

Obama IRS

The IRS Suppressed The Romney Vote

Ten Reasons The IRS Should Not Be In Charge Of ObamaCare

 IRS Hounds Conservatives, Lets Rich Indian Tribe Evade Taxes

IRS Scandal Official Lois Lerner Served With Papers From True The Vote Lawsuit

IRS To Be Sued In Federal Court


Unions Continue To Whine About Health Care Law They
Fought Tooth And Nail To Help Pass

Sebelius Asked Health Insurance Companies To Give To
Nonprofits Helping Enroll People In Obamacare

DNC: GOP ‘Making Up’ Scandals ‘Out Of Thin Air’

Biden Slips And Reveals True Aim Of Government “Studies”

Welcome To Rahmville Chicago – 3 People Shot In 5 Minutes

Illinois Dem Tells PJM How The IRS Scandal Is Like The Bible

Dem Rep: The Cure For The Kermit Gosnells Of America
Is More Funding For Planned Parenthood

Eric Holder (D)

Before Holder Got James Rosen Warrant

Obama Asks Holder To Investigate Holder’s Investigation

 DOJ Begged Judge To Keep Fox Reporter In Dark About Monitoring

Holder Personally Authorized Fox News Surveillance

Investigating News Reporters (Video)

Barack Obama

Obama Promotes Victoria Nuland, Who Edited Benghazi Talking Points

Obama’s Leak Obsession Leads To Privacy And Free Speech Abuses

Roger Ailes: Obama Press Intimidation ‘Unseen Since McCarthy Era’

Obama Took Osama Out Of Context

Marco Rubio (R)

Marco Rubio’s Embarrassing Appearance On Fox, Part Two

Rubio Has Long History Of Blocking Immigration Enforcement

Democrat-Activist Media

Taxpayer Funded NPR Lines Up Slams On Latino Republican
As ‘Immature’ In Massachusetts Senate Race

As Stockholm Riots Move Into Fifth Day, Press’s Aversion To The M-Word
(‘Muslim’) To Describe Those Involved Is Nearly Unanimous

Media Analysts Dodge Jihad Connection In Boston, London

23 Liberal Media Outlets, Including MSNBC Defend IRS Tea Party Probe

Moving On: ABC Spends Only 16 Seconds On IRS Official’s Suspension


 London Police Took 20 Min To Respond To Muslim Beheading,
But Quickly Arrest 85-Year-Old British Woman For Islamophobia

In Wake Of Bloody Beheading, British Police
Arrest 2 Twitter Users For Anti-Islamic Tweets

 British Secret Service MI5 Offered London Beheading Jihadist A Job


Taxpayers Spend $536,526 To Study Smoking Cessation For LGBT Community