Must Know Headlines


Thousands And Thousands Of Associated Press Phone
Call Monitored By Obama DOJ

Why Does The FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Task Force Want
To Talk To Director Of Pro-Life Pregnancy Center?

72,600,000: Record Number On Medicaid In 2012;
Outnumbers Populations Of France And UK

Number Of SSDI Recipients Reaches Another New High 

The Rich And Famous At The Farm Bill Trough

Confirmed: Florida Schools Take Eye Scans Of
Children Without Parents’ Permission 

Over Half Of All American College Graduates Are Underemployed 

Obama IRS

Former IRS Commissioner Logged More Public White House Visits
Than Any Obama Cabinet Member During Tea Party Targeting

Cincinnati IRS Agent: Special ‘Task Force’ In DC Made Decisions
About Processing Tea Party Applications

Pro-Israel Groups Felt Wrath Of Obama IRS,
WFB Investigation Reveals



Giving Illegals Access To Welfare ‘An Assault
On The U.S. Taxpayer,’ Researcher Says

Engineers Union: Immigration Bill
‘A Cruel Betrayal Of American Workers’ 

Licenses For Illegal Immigrants In Yet Another State

Pro-ILLEGAL Alien Demonstrators Shut Down
Traffic In Downtown Chicago


Obamacare Prompts Some Doctors To Drop Insurance

Why The IRS Should Not Be In Charge of ObamaCare 


Major Reid Donor Guilty On Three Counts

Michelle Obama: ‘Keep Writing Those Checks.
And If You Haven’t Maxed Out, Max Out!’

Hillary SuperPAC Headed by Radical Environmentalist Sweatshop
Owner And Hurricane Chasing Giffords Lawyer

Democratic Party Spokesman: Media Surrender
‘Right To Gripe’ If They Won’t Meet Holder Off The Record

Lois Lerner To Republican Candidate In 1996: “Promise Me
You Will Never Run For Office Again, And We’ll Drop This (FEC) Case”

Remember When Eric Holder Lied Under Oath
To Congress About Fast And Furious?

Biden In Trinidad: Illegal Immigrants In U.S.
‘Required To Constantly Live In Fear’

Ex-Obama Aide Hits Up Insurance Industry To Boost ‘Obamacare’

Lawsuit: IRS, OSHA, ATF, FBI Probed Tea Party Group:
‘I Want To Know Who Pointed Those Agencies At Us’

Barack Obama

Obama’s Dangerously Incomplete Drone Disclosures 

Obama Signs Fundraising Email For ‘Non-Partisan’ Organizing For Action 

The Obama Scandals Are Very Far From Fizzling Out

Disturbing Pattern: Obama Puts Our Enemies Above Us

Obama Needs To Learn Money Can’t Make The Radical Islamists Moderate

Albanian Socialist Leader Touts Meeting
With Obama At Campaign Fundraiser


Hispanic Woman Dies After Abortion, Clinic Staff Had No CPR Training

Planned Parenthood Nurses Expose “Meat-Market Assembly Line Abortions”

Democrat-Activist Media

Atlantic Writer Earns Lapdog Cred, Says Obama Scandals Are No Big Deal

Holder Says ‘Jump’ Politico Asks ‘How High?’

Holder Scrambled To Find Judge To Approve Rosen Subpoena
After Rejected Twice;  Only Fox News Reports

NBC News Chooses “Israel-Bashing” President 

Sneering Alex Wagner Mocks ‘Alligator Moat’
Border Plans In New Lean Forward Ad

Hollywood To Produce Hillary Hagiography

NBC Uses Tragedy In Oklahoma And Other Weather
Phenomenon To Advance Liberal Environmental Agenda

NYTimes’s Porter Wishes U.S. Govt. Would Cook Up Euro-Style VAT Tax