Must Know Headlines


 ‘They Are Liars’: Beck Says These Then-And-Now Obama Videos Prove It

HHS Chief Sebelius (D): Obamacare Will Favor Gays Over Straight People

How Did The Educated Become So Ignorant?

Doc Who Sang Hymns To Jesus During Abortions Faces Misconduct Charges

Forgotten Scandal: Gibson Guitars Still Being Persecuted For Doing No Wrong

Turkish PM Responds To U.S. Criticism Over Protests: Look At Yourself

 Gitmo Offers ‘Resume Writing’ Class For Terrorists

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: Abolish The IRS

Ted Cruz: Obama Administration Reminds Me Of Castro’s Cuba

‘Step Toward Big Brother’:  Ted Cruz Denounces Supreme Court Ruling
On Warrantless DNA Collection Of Non-Convicted Arrestees

Barack Obama

Obama Publishes Details Of Missile Base Israel Wanted Kept Secret

Mark Steyn: American Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Obama’s Brother
To Party With The Genocidal Butcher Of Darfur

Obama DHS Flags Tweets About ‘Militia,’ But Not ‘Jihad’

ILLEGAL Immigration

The Cost Of Amnesty To You

Black Leaders Plan DC Jobs March To Protest Illegal Alien Amnesty


Dem Rep: To Prevent More IRS Abuse Just Give Them Some More Money

 Obama Administration: 10-Year-Olds Ready For Sex

Betrayal: Democrat Gov Nixon Vetoes Anti-Sharia Bill In Missouri

Major Democratic Donors Flock To Christie

 Top  Obama Appointees Using Secret Email Accounts To Avoid Scrutiny

Obama IRS

IRS Employees: We Targeted Conservative Groups On Orders From Washington

Obama’s Campaign Team Comes Out To Defend The IRS

Inspector General: IRS Targeting Happened Beyond Cincinnati Office

Treasury IG Compares IRS Scandal To Nixon Only Worse –
“This Is Unprecedented”

IRS Commissioner Aided Tax Cheat Congressman

Issa Releases Damming Transcripts Of IRS Interviews

New Details Emerge On IRS Targeting Conservatives

New IRS Chief Vows To Win Back Trust, But The Question Remains:
Who Ordered The  Targeting Of Conservatives?

Democrat-Activist Media

NBC’s Gregory Invites Schumer To Issue ‘Warning’ To GOP:
Move On From Obama  Scandals

Al Sharpton: ‘No Evidence At All’ Connecting Eric Holder To Scandals

Mika: Issa Calling Carney A ‘Paid Liar’ Just Makes Us Want
To Walk Away And Ignore White House Scandals

Howard Fineman Should Apologize For Saying McConnell’s
Staff Might Have Bugged  Their Own Office

Ohio Tea Party Leader Slams NYT’s Ignorant And
Biased Report On Groups’  Tax-Exempt Apps

Liberal Media Gearing Up To Spin Obamacare Failures

CBS Boosts Oprah’s ‘Remarkable’ Pro-Gun Control Speech At Harvard


France: Muslims Attack Jews As They Walk To Local Synagogue