Must Know Headlines


Rand Paul: We Fought A Revolution Over Behavior Like The NSA’s

Was Martin Luther King Wiretapped
‘Because He Was Campaigning For Civil Rights’?

What The Hell? IRS Agents Training At DHS With AR-15s

Targeted  Tea Party Group: Our Members Are Afraid To Donate

What Does The IRS Want With Your Medical Records?

Gun-Toting Grandma, 72, Shoots At Intruder,
Saves Wheelchair-Bound Husband

Obama Nation

Report: Obama DHS Halted Background Checks
To Meet Flood Of Amnesty Requests

VIDEO: Obama IRS Targeted Conservative  Hispanic Outreach Group

Audit: Obama Feds Threw Contracts To Crony Companies

Obama DOD Makes $1.1 Bil In “Erroneous Payments” In One Year

 WHIZ In Zanesville, Ohio: Obamacare To Raise Premiums 88 Percent

Rogue EPA Staff Spies On U.S. Farmers, Releases Data

NSA Leaker

Ron Paul: Fear Snowden Could Be Target Of Drone Assassination

Long Knives Out For That “Punk Kid” Snowden


Mass. Democratic Candidate Ed Markey ”
It’s Not Math It’s Just Arithmetic.” Is He REALLY That Dumb?

 Democrat Habla Español On Senate floor

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Obama Giving Morning After Pill To Kids

RUSH: Dems Are Fine With Spying, As Long As
Obama Is Targeting The Right  Americans

Biden: The Last Thing We Need Is Another
Ted Cruz Or Rand Paul In The Senate

Biden: Gore Won The Presidency In 2000 

Barack Obama

Obama Caught Schmoozing Mainstream Media
In Secret Off-The-Record WH Meeting

Despite MASSIVE Data Collecting Program –
Obama Administration Can’t Find 6 Million Illegal Immigrants

The Casual Tyrant: When Caught,
Obama Just Shrugs And Suggests A “Debate”

Obama’s Definition Of “Smarter Enforcement”: None

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC, NBC Morning Shows Ignore Obama In Spying Story

CNN: Might Take A “Senator To Get Shot”
For Americans To Care About Passing Gun Control Legislation

‘The Purge’ Slams NRA And Tea Party,
Summons Thoughts Of Trayvon Martin

 New York Times: Lack Of Global Warming Proves There’s Global Warming

MSNBC Anchor Tries, Fails To Get Guests To
Blame Bush For NSA Snooping Under Obama Still Fawning Over Hillary Clinton Twitter Account
While Ignoring State  Dept. Prostitution, Drugs Scandal

‘David Brooks’ Analysis of Edward Snowden Tells Us A Lot…About David Brooks’

 Radical Activist Filmmaker Laura Poitras Shared Byline On WaPo NSA Story


France: Attacked By Two Muslims Because He Was Eating A Ham Sandwich