Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Feds Sue 2 Companies Over Criminal Checks Eliminating Too Many Blacks

Obama IRS Hiring ‘Diversity And Inclusion Specialist,’ Starting At $123,758/Year

CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s Computer Intrusion A ‘Sophisticated’ Plot

Pro-Life Help Needed To Push Fetal Pain-Based Abortion Ban

Establishment Republicans Paint Us As Reactionary, Unpatriotic Extremists

Glenn Greenwald Regularly Attends Marxist-Leninist Conferences

‘If We Can’t Secure the Doors To A Congressional Office,’ How We Going To Secure
The Border?: Rep. Steve King Explains How ‘Illegal Aliens’ ‘Invaded’ His Office

Obama IRS

 IRS Refunds $4 Billion In Child Tax Credits To Illegal Immigrants Per Year –
And The Kids May Not Even Live In The US (Video)

Armed IRS Agents Seized Tens Of Millions Of Medical
Records From Private Insurance Companies

Blaming Cincinnati For IRS Scandal Is So Wrong

FOIA:  201 IRS Employees Work Full-Time On Union Business

Barack Obama

Syria: Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Next War

White House On Obama’s $60-$100 Million Trip To Africa:
‘Great Bang For The Buck’

Obamas To Go On Another Vacation – Tour Europe With The Kids

Friday Afternoon News Dump: Obama Rewards Top
Campaign Fundraisers With Ambassadorships

This Week – Obama Uses Daughter Of Sandy Hook Victim To Raise Cash

White  House Announces It Will Not Send Troops Into Syria,
Deploys Them To The Border 

Obama  Gutted ‘Heart and Soul’ of Government Watchdogs, Former Official Says

Obama Demonstrates The Evil Of Big Government

Alaska Makes Obama An Offer He Should, But Won’t Take


Senate Dem’s Plan: Spend Border Security Funds On Immigrant Healthcare

Dem Rep. John Larson: “Simply Not Fair” To Subject
Congress To Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else

Liberals Know That Their Worldview No Longer Makes Sense
In Light Of Scandal After Scandal In Washington

Senate Immigration Bill Does Not Require Payment Of All Back Taxes

Union Officials Game System To Collect Union Dues And
Fees Despite Indiana’s Popular Right To Work Law

Democrat-Activist Media

Busted Again: Washington Post Stealth Edits Obama/Africa Story

NPR Silent On Reporter Ari Shapiro Covering Obama White House
While Spouse Works There

AP’s Yost Ignores Mueller’s String Of Ignorant IRS Scandal
Answers At Thursday Judiciary Hearing

Media Buries IRS Scandal

CBS Hounds Rand Paul On NSA Spying Scandal:
‘Why Only Now Raise These Concerns?’

Blame Bush For Obama Spy Scandal: MSNBC Blabbermouth

CNN Fawns Over Chelsea Clinton And Her ‘Extraordinary Parents’

 Washington Post Fact-Checker Retracts ‘Pinocchios’ For Trent Franks

Obama Chooses HBO VP for Ambassador To Spain Position


Muslim Mob Attacks Police In France,
No Ham Sandwiches Involved This Time