Must Know Headlines


Abortionist Killed Baby Born Alive After Abortion,
Hid Evidence Cremating Body

Rare Bird Last Spotted 22 Years Ago Reappears…
Then Is Quickly Killed By Wind Turbine

Homeland Security Watchdog Accused Of
Whitewashing Report, Cover-Up And Fraud

8,000 Marines, Weapons Systems Set To Be Cut Under Sequester

Students: Professor Forced Us To Wear ‘Gay’ Ribbons

Egypt’s Long, Bloody Weekend Begins

Obama IRS

The IRS Continues Its Abuse Of Power

Lois Lerner Headed Right Back To The Oversight Panel

House Committee: IRS Official Waived Rights In Denying Wrongdoing


Obama Administration Releases Final Rules On Contraception
Mandate For Religious Organizations

Librarians Being Recruited Io Promote….ObamaCare

Barack Obama

Obama Readies US Marines To Assist In Egypt…
But Wouldn’t Send US Marines To Benghazi

Did Obama’s NSA Collect Information On Gun Owners Too?

After 1,989 Days, Obama Finally Appoints State Dept Inspector General

President Obama Refuses To Personally Press Putin
To Give Up Snowden; Only Fox  News Reports

Obama’s War On American Coal, China’s The Victor

Obama Lectures Africa About Job Creation:
‘Make Sure It’s A Good Deal For Africa’

Obama Says He’s Not Threatened By China’s Investments In Africa

Tanzanian Christians Want Obama To Speak Out Against Islamic Attacks


 Hillary Gets ‘Liberty Medal’ After Lying About Benghazi

Hillary Clinton To Receive “Liberty Medal” For Spreading Islamist Tyranny

Rahm Taps Millionaire Banker To Replace
Pritzker On Chicago School Board

Democratic Congressman Supported Duty
Suspension Worth Millions To Donor

Poll: Obama Supporters Divided Between Radical Islam
And Tea Party As Top Terrorist Threat

Nation’s Highest State Gas Taxes In New York, California

NOH8? GLAAD Gives Baldwin Pass For Anti-Gay Cyber-Bullying

Black Panther Boss Who Got Off For Voter Intimidation Arrested

ILEGAL Immigration

A Word From A Conservative Latino On Immigration Reform

  Senate Voted “To Waive All Applicable Budgetary Discipline”
Ahead Of Immigration Vote

Democrat-Activist Media

FX’s Kamau Bell Calls George Zimmerman a ‘Racist,
Right Wing, Trigger-Happy, Child Killing Coward’

National Media Silent On Brutal Death Of Melissa Huggins-Jones

ABC, NBC Skip Announcement That IRS Aggressively
Targeted Conservatives, Not  Liberals

 MSNBC’s Hayes Frets Over 500th Execution In Texas,
But Sees ‘Draconian’ Bill  Against Abortion

CNN Omits Homophobia In Report On Alec Baldwin’s Twitter Rant

‘Today Show’ Omits Homophobia From Alec Baldwin Twitter-Rant Report

NY Times Photographer Grasps What NY Times Text Denies

Number Eight: NBC’s Deceptive Editing Makes
Rabbi Appear To Be Covering Up Sex Abuse

New Yorker Cover “OUTS” Bert And Ernie As Gay


Argentine Scientist Sells Nuclear Secrets From U.S. Lab