Must Know Headlines


OBAMA NATION: Electricity Prices Highest On Record For May

‘Complete Shock’: University Staffer Tells College
Student She Must Remove Christian Cross Necklace

Egypt Military Releases New Protest Video

Texas Student Wins Right To Display Palestinian
Flag at High School Graduation

‘Al-Qaida Mastermind Had Some Type Of
Protected Status With Our Government’

Legal & ILLEGAL Immigrants Account For All Job Gains Since 2000:
Native-Born Workers’ Employment Has Fallen


Watch: Abortion Supporters Chant ‘Hail Satan!’ While Pro-Life Activists
Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ Outside Texas Capitol

Report: Abortionist “Took A Utensil And Stabbed”
Baby Born Alive After Botched Late-Term Abortion

Barack Obama

Syrian Christians: “Why Is [Obama] At War Against Us?” [Video]

More Executive Abuse Of Power: Obama Stacks The NLRB

Obama Backs Morsi, Threatens To Withdraw Aid If Morsi Ousted

Obama’s 2013 Air Force One Bill $24 Million — $6.5 Million For Africa Alone

Obama Forgets To Mention AZ Firefighters, Blames Journalist

Cornel West: Obama Pushes Blacks To Back Of Bus In
Favor Of Gay Brothers And Lesbian Sisters

Michelle Obama Tired Of Living In A ‘Prison’


Obama To Delay ObamaCare’s Job Killing
Power Until After Midterm Elections

Nation’s Largest Health-Care Insurer Bails On Californians

Houston Doctor Closing Practice Because Of Obamacare

Sebelius (D) Highlights New Medicaid Grants As Treasury
Rolls Back Obamacare Implementation

A Blow To Both Obamacare And The Rule Of Law

Obama Nation

FBI Still Hasn’t Contacted IRS-Targeted
Tea Party Groups About Investigation

Declassified Docs Reveal FBI  Identifying Anwar Al-Aulaqi
As A Terrorist Day Before He Spoke At Pentagon Luncheon

$2.44M Fed Study: Loneliness Led Deported
Illegals To Use Hookers, Drugs

“Green” Cars Aren’t As Clean As Promoted

New Allegations: DHS ‘Watchdog’ Took Taxpayer
Vacations, Spied On Employees,  Destroyed Evidence

Another Troubled Department Of Energy Loan Guarantee

Study Shows Veterans Must Navigate Hundreds Of Forms,
More Than A Dozen Agencies  For Services

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Analyst Calls For Paula Deen To Apologize
‘Until Media Is Tired Of Asking Her’

White Lefty PBS Commentator Bill Moyers Lectures
Black Justice Clarence Thomas On Discrimination

Supreme Court Decisions Akin To Calling Blacks The N-Word,
Says CNN Guest

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Compares Rush
Limbaugh To Brutal, Repressive Dictator

Chris Matthews: Democrats ‘Believe In Illegal Immigration’

Networks Still Boosting Wendy Davis’ ‘Epic’
Pro-Abortion Filibuster Almost A Week Later

Johnny Depp Kisses Jimmy Kimmel

 Watch: Rush Limbaugh:
Fox News Censored My Criticism Of RINO Amnesty


Gun Maker Packing Up And Leaving New York Thanks To SAFE Act