Must Know Headlines


Christian Street Preachers Assaulted At Gay Pride Festival In Seattle 

Seven Reasons To Reform Food Stamps

Even Though Company Offers To Put On Fireworks Display
For Free For Marines, Government Still Cancelled

No, It’s Not Your Imagination, Your 4th Of July
Cookout Is More Expensive This Year

Kelly, Giffords Hold July 4th Gun Control Rally

Liberal Nonprofit That Pressed Shulman To
Target Conservatives Houses His Wife’s Group

Egyptian Women Raped, Beaten With Sticks
And Chains In Tahrir Square (Video)


16,500  Working Fewer Hours Due To ObamaCare  Mandate

GOP House Leaders: ‘Put People First, Repeal This Entire Law’

Liberals Blame GOP, Fox, Drudge In Obamacare Fiasco

Barack Obama

Ros-Lehtinen To Newsmax: Obama ‘Bet On Wrong Folks’ In Egypt

It’s A Revolution…Not A Coup, Mr. Obama!”

Obama’s 2013 Air Force One Bill $24 Million — And Rising

White House Busy Awarding & Honoring
Star Wars’ Lucas, Playwright Kushner Among Others

Obama On This July 4: Americans Free To ‘Worship’–
But Not Freely Exercise Their Religion

Obama’s New World Order: Power To Our Enemies, Death
To Our Friends, And A Fish In The President’s Face

Obama Loves Anti-Israel Tyrants, Hates Pro-Israel Strongmen

Egyptians Want Obama’s Puppet Amb. Anne Paterson Out Of Egypt


Democrat Dick Durbin Wants Government To Decide Who Is A Journalist

Abortion Activist Makes Boy Hold “Stay Out Of My Mommy’s Vagina” Sign

Girl Scouts March In Gay Pride

Abortionists Declare Their Team: Chant “Hail Satan”
As Christians Sing Amazing Grace

FBI Running Amok With IRS Investigation

Democrat-Activist Media

Huffington Post Gives Stalker Nathan Lean Space To Defame
Robert Spencer, Refuses Spencer Right Of Reply

 Media Matters Blame GOP, Fox, Drudge In Obamacare Fiasco

Flashback: Media Matters Smeared Issa On Behalf Of White House

ABC’s Jeff Zeleny Conducts Puffy, Shoe-Focused
Interview With Wendy Davis

Piers Morgan Laments King George III Couldn’t Prevail In Revolutionary War

 Bette Midler: If We’d Lost The Revolutionary War,
We’d Have Universal Health Care


Senior Turkish Officials Blame Problems On Jews