Must Know Headlines


Cincinnati: White Victim Of Savage Black Flash Mob Attack Has Died

 Georgia: Violent Black Teen Thug Murders A White Baby
By Shooting Him In The –Face (March 2013

Thomas Sowell: Who Is Racist?

Regular Abortion Procedure ‘More Horrific’ Than  Gosnell’s:
‘Knives, Vacuums And Poisons’

California: Saudi Consulate Pays $5 Million Bail For
Muslim Princess Arrested For Slavery


Change: Grocery Store Chain Axes Health
Benefits For Part-Timers Due To Obamacare

Partisan Hack Union Bosses (Who Lobbied For & Got Waivers
From Obamacare): Obamacare Will Destroy Health Of Americans

Reid: ‘Obamacare Has Been Wonderful For America’

Barack Obama

The Audacity Of Myth: How The Media Ignored Obama’s
Lies About His Own Biography And Memoir

Obama: U.S. Needs More Taxpayers; Calls For
Fewer Babies But ‘More Immigrants’

Obama Admin Asks Egyptian Military To Free Morsi

Obama Big Loser In Zimmerman Trial



Zimmerman Judge’s (Lifelong Democrat) Shameful
Rulings And Behavior Include…

Whistleblower Ben Kruidbos Reported Concealment Of
Evidence In Zimmerman Case—Was Promptly Fired

NAACP Calls On Obama Admin To Pursue
Civil Rights Charges Against Zimmerman

Lynch Mob Thugs Threaten Zimmerman Jury;
‘N*ggas Coming For That Bitch Ass Jury’

 20 Twitter Users Who Say They Will Shoot
Mexicans Because Of Zimmerman Verdict

Oakland Demonstrators Burn Flags, Smash Cop Car
After Zimmerman Verdict (PHOTOS)

NY Giants Victor Cruz: Zimmerman Doesn’t Last
Year Before Hood Catches Up To Him

Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White Runs An ‘Out’ Pattern:
Zimmerman Jurors Should Go Home And Kill Themselves

It’s ‘N*gga Season’: Marlon Wayans Tweets Epic
Meltdown About ‘Fat Guck Zimmerman’

Ludicrous: Van Jones Image Of
Martin Luther King Jr. In A Hoodie

 Here Are Some Of The Most Disturbing Tweets
Following Zimmerman’s Not-Guilty Verdict

Nicki Minaj Wishes ‘A**hole’ George Zimmerman
Goes Into General Population At Prison

‘Crackers,’ a ‘Teenage Mammy,’  ‘White Hispanics’ —
The Sorry Truth About Race And Zimmerman Trial


Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano To Resign,
Called Pro-Lifers Terrorists

Impeach Attorney General Holder – For Justice’s Sake

SEIU Working Forward With U.S. Chamber For Immigration Reform

The Spectacle Of Al Sharpton

Democrat-Activist Media

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: How The Press Prosecuted
Zimmerman While Stoking Racial Tensions 

AP Reporter: ‘So We Can All Kill Teenagers Now? Just Checking’

NPR’s Race Expert: Whether Zimmerman Fired In
Self-Defense Is A ‘Really, Really  Small Technical Point’


MSNBC’s Race Baiting Scumbag Toure Blames “Slavery”
For Predictions Of Zimmerman Riots, “This Is Racism”

Huffington Post On George Zimmerman:
Not Guilty But Not Innocent

MSNBC Anchor Gets Emotional On-Air: My 11-Year-Old
Daughter Texted Me There Is ‘No Justice In America’

NBC Issues Correction After Making False
Claim About George Zimmerman Jury

AP Pair Covering Texas Abortion Bill Passage Almost
Completely Ignores  Protesters’ Disgusting Stunts

NBC Shows Sudden Respect For Bush: ‘Strong Voice’
To ‘Pressure’ GOP On Immigration