Must Know Headlines


 West: Where Was NAACP & Media When 2 Black Teens Shot White Baby In Face?

Four Children Gunned Down In Chicago During Zimmerman Trial

 Hey, Remember The National Debt?
It’s Been Exactly $16,699,396,000,000.00 For 56 Days

Local Entrepreneur Sells Part Of Business Due To Obamacare

San Francisco TV Station Punked On Asiana Pilot Names

 Mom Received A 20-Year Sentence For Firing ‘Warning Shot’

  Barack Obama

Study Finds Obama’s Extravagant Travel Costs

‘Collusion’: Media Censor ‘Occupy’ Outrage At Two Ritzy Obama Fundraisers

 Free Morsi: Obama’s Fight For A Bloody Tyrant

 WH: Obama Won’t Be Involved In DOJ Decision On Zimmerman


How A Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led To Trayvon Martin’s Death

Conservative Filmmaker: Trayvon Martin Protesters In
Oakland ‘Slugged Me,’  ‘Kicked Me’ In The Head

Starnes: Police Say Jogger Beaten In Wake of Zimmerman Verdict

 ‘This Is For  Trayvon!’ — Gang Of Black Men Chase, Beat Hispanic Man In Baltimore

 Trayvon Protesters Loot Walmart, Rip Down Fence,
Trash Cars, Torch US Flag (Video)

 Recap Of Unrest In Los Angeles As A Result Of Pro-Trayvon Martin Protests

Juror: Race Played No Role

Zimmerman Trial: The Holder Justice Department’s Latest Abuse Of Power

Nugent On Trayvon: ‘Teach Your Children Not To Attack People’

‘Good News Is Zimmerman Will Never Be In Peace’…

BREAKING: KCBS/KCAL News Crew Assaulted 13 Arrested


Poll: Hispanics Of All Ages Lean Democrat

 The Left Throws A Temper Tantrum Over The Zimmerman Verdict 

 NAACP Says Trayvon Martin’s “Right To Life” Denied,
But Supports Abortion

Harry Reid: I’ll Accept Zimmerman Verdict Because I Believe In The System,
But I Sure Hope The Justice Department Gets Involved Now

        Democrat-Activist Media

 NBC Panel: ‘Black Life Means A Little Bit Less Than White Life In America’
(Shhh, Don’t Mention Black Abortion Rate)

 Screenwriter Furious At Zimmerman Verdict:
If I Were Black, I’d Pick Up A Brick To Throw

 More Lies From The Main Stream Media About The Zimmerman Case

Oliver Stone Blasts ‘Hurt Locker,’ ‘Zero Dark Thirty’
For Showing American Heroism

 MSNBC’s Hispanic Lynching

Morning Joe Won’t Let Go Of Zimmerman Racism Claims

 The Nation Blames ‘White Supremacy’ For Zimmerman Acquittal

Black MSNBC Political Analyst: You Know How You Felt On 9/11?
Yeah, That’s How We Feel When It Comes To Race…

Liberal Trayvon Martin Protester Berated For Bringing Up LGBT
“Oppression” During Rally: “This Is Not About No Damn LGBT… No Gay Shit”…