Must Know Headlines


Dodd-Frank Financial Reform: 14,000 Pages Of
Regulations And They’re Just Getting Started

FAA Warns Americans: Don’t Shoot At The Drones

OUTRAGE: Arizona Nursing Student Suspended
For Requesting Instruction In ENGLISH

Major Victory For Illegal Immigrant Students In Michigan

Twitter Explodes With Vulgar Racial Epithets
Towards Bill Cosby And Charles Barkley

Jobs Crisis Far Worse Than Official Data Show,
Former Official Says

Police Sgt. Who Shared Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Photos
In Response To Rolling Stone Cover, Faces Hearing


Thanks To Obamacare, Doctor Shortages Set To Quintuple

Obama HHS Admits: You Might Not Be Able To
Keep Your Doctor Under Obamacare

In Indiana, Individual Health Insurance
To Cost 72% More Due To Obamacare


On Detroit Bankruptcy, All Three Networks Skip The
Sky High Taxes, Democrat Control For 50 Years

Government Motors Is Alive And Detroit Is Dead

Judge Voids Detroit Bankruptcy, Says It “Dishonors Obama”

Mich. Judge Rules The Need Of The Unions
Outweigh The Needs Of The Rest Of Detroit

Obama And His Media Defenders Claimed He ‘Saved Detroit’

Melissa Harris-Perry Delivers The Dumbest Analysis
Of Detroit’s Problems You Could Dream Up


Trayvon Protester Calls For Shooting ‘Racist Pigs’ (Video)

Winter Park Woman Getting Zimmerman Death Threats

 ‘Civil Unrest’: Pro-Trayvon Martin Protesters In Calif.
Assault Civilian, Police Officers And Police Horse

Why Obama’s Remarks On The Zimmerman
Case Are A Failure Of Leadership

CNN On Obama’s Trayvon Statement: ‘Wow! Stunning! Important!’

Iran’s Mullahs Demand Justice For Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman Defense Comments On President Obama’s Remarks

Toure On Obama’s Trayvon Speech: “WOW!
We Really Do Have A Black President!”

Obama: “Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me, 35 Years Ago”


Obama Says It’s About Race:
‘Different Outcome’ If Martin Were White

Barack Obama

Obama’s IRS Appointee Scheduled WH Visit 1 Day
After IRS Meeting On Tea Party

Third Time’s A Charm? Another Federal Appellate Court
Smacks Down Obama Recess Appointments

MARK LEVIN On Obama’s Race Speech:
“I’m Ashamed Of This President, I Think He’s A Disgrace”

Good Grief… Barack Obama: If You Lock
Your Car Doors… You Must Be Racist


United Methodist Officials: “Clearly More
To Be Done” To Promote Abortion

Did Local Official Help Planned Parenthood
Hide Botched Abortion Killing Woman?

Democrat-Activist Media

Salon Writer Asks If Eric Holder Is Obama’s ‘Inner N****r’

NBC’s ‘Today’ Gushes Over Rahm Emanuel’s Dance Moves,
Ignores Chicago Credit  Downgrade

Feds Targeted Tax Records Of Political Candidates;
All Three Networks Ignore

Maher Calls Dr. Carson A ‘Drooling Idiot’:
‘Half Brilliant Brain Surgeon, Half  Tea Party Dumbass’

Taxpayer Funded NPR’s Biased Boilerplate: Did You Know White
Hispanic Zimmerman Shot Unarmed  Black Martin?

PBS NewsHour Mentions ‘Worry’ From Supporters,
Omits Union Criticism Of ObamaCare

Associated Press Whitewashes Obama’s Racial
Controversies, Fumbles

Downgrade! Abby Huntsman To Join MSNBC’s “The Cycle

Ouch: Obamacare Slapped With Another
MSM Fact-Check, WH Revises Key Promise