Must Know Headlines


Kevin Jackson: Black People Lock Their Car Doors Too
When They See A Horde Of Black Teens Coming

DOJ Declines To Prosecute Officials Involved In Tax Record Scandal

Protesters Call For Justice For Some Guy Named ‘Trayon’

Gingrich: Gangs Increased 40 Since Obama Elected

Food Stamps Being Used To Send Food Overseas

Arizona Student Suspended For Asking That Classes Be Taught In English

Ethanol Industry Has EPA A Ally In Battle Against Big Oil

Syrian Rebels Say Assad Gave Chemical Weapons To Hezbollah:
Threat To Israel AND US Mainland


Delaying Income Verification Under Obamacare
Increases Fraud, Says Congresswoman

Still More Lies On ObamaCare 

Barack Obama

Obama Pays Back Top Bundlers With Ambassadorships

George Zimmerman And Barack Obama Share Same Disapproval Rating

Putin And Obama: Brothers In Tyranny

Obama Praises Recently-Deceased, Jew Hating  Journalist Helen Thomas

Obama: Would Martin Be Justified Shooting Zimmerman
Under Stand Your Ground Law?

Obama: African-Americans Are Incapable Of Acting
As Citizens Of The United States

Gingrich: Gangs Increased 40 Since Obama Elected

Democrat-Activist Media

Donna Brazile & AP Break Out The 12 Year Old Trayvon Martin Pics

ABC, CBS And NBC To Viewers: IRS Scandal? Please, That’s Old News

Media On Disgraced Helen Thomas: ‘Pioneer,’ ‘Trailblazer,’ ‘Fearless’

Al Sharpton’s Biggest Cause: Himself

NBC Uses Unlabeled Ex-Obama Operative to Regurgitate
Charge Tea Party Motivated  By Anti-Obama Racism

Kerry to Palestinian President: ‘You Should Look Happy’

Former WashPost Reporter Blames Racial Bitterness,
Political Corruption For Detroit’s Decline And Fall

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Detroit Bankruptcy
The Result Of Small Government

‘Auschwitz Borders’: Did John Kerry Really Guarantee New
Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Will Be Based On Pre-1967 Map?


IL State Rep: Maybe The Police Are Killing These Kids In Chicago