Must Know Headlines


 Civil Rights Activists Remain Silent On Black On White
Florida School Bus Beating Video

Democracy Is In Bad Shape When We Have
To Depend On Jay Leno To Ask Questions

Last Mississippi Clinic Sends Woman To Hospital After Botched Abortion

Feds Give Millions In Contracts To Firms Owned By Fictitious People

The One Who Would Reinvent Detroit

Audit: Medicare Paid 80 Percent Of Unqualified Claims In Some Cases

2 British Girls Hit With Acid In Zanzibar At End Of Muslim Ramadan


Now Congress Wants Exemption From Obamacare
Premium Age And Smoking Penalties

ObamaCare Spurs Shift Away From 30-34-Hour Workweek

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Makes More Gaffes Than
George W. Bush And Sarah Palin Combined

Obama Makes Three Factual Gaffes On Leno… Media Ignore

Obama Struggles To Remember Dr. Jill Biden’s Name

Obama, Family Going On Eight-Day Martha’s Vineyard Vacation

Report: Obama To Allow Thousands Of Syrian Refugees Into America

Obama Gives Press Corps The Finger. Will It End Friday?

Obama To Honor Oprah Winfrey, Who Campaigned
For His 2008 Election, With Freedom Medal

As President, Obama More Restrictive On Talks With Foreign Leaders

Once A Mere ‘Hacker’ To Obama, Snowden Now A Reason To Cancel Putin Meet 



Mark Levin: Bill Clinton Is The First Impeached President
To Get The Medal Of Freedom

Democrats Using Trayvon Martin, Newtown To Push Gun Control

Schumer’s Euphoria Over GOP’s Immigration Is Giveaway

The Left Wants Free Speech For All, Except Minority Conservatives

Barbara Boxer Links California Wildfires To Climate Change

 Disarm Or Move Out: Colorado Public Housing
Delivers Ultimatum To Elderly Gun Owners 

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrant Allowed To Remain In US Despite
Arrests Accused Of Drunk Driving Death

Texas  AG: Politics Driving Obama’s Beef With State’s Voter ID Law

Black American Leadership Alliance To Rep. Paul Ryan:
Amnesty Hurts Black Americans

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) Calls Illegal Aliens
“Undocumented Citizens”, Trusts Obama Administration

Democrat-Activist Media

Daily Kos Blames ‘White Male Privilege’ After
Obama-Supporting Loon Shoots 3 People Dead

Media Bias In Two Words: Bob Filner

The Washington Post And Liberal Privilege

Washington Journalists Lower Their Standards To Accommodate Obama

ABC, CBS And NBC Morning Shows Bypass Obama’s Gaffes On Jay

Big Money, Left-Wing Politics Fuel Hollywood’s Anti—Fracking Drive

ABC, NBC Continue To Play Obama’s KGB Gaffe Without Noticing It’s A Gaffe

New York Times Headline About Booker Startup Omits Zucker’s Name

CNN Gives Obama a Pass Amidst Major Coverage Of His Leno Interview

Alec Baldwin Gets Weekly Show On MSNBC Primetime


Randi Rhodes: When Obama Talks Race, Right-Wingers
‘Want To Tear Him Limb From Limb’

HuffPo Fail: Makes Up Nonsensical Accusation Against Rick Santorum

CNN Money Puzzles Over Youth Unemployment, Ignores Obamacare


Slate’s ‘Whiteskins’ Logo To Replace Racist ‘Redskins’
NFL Team Name, Because Racism


Parents, Not Government, Know How To Feed Their Children