Must Know Headlines


Mexicans Coached On “Credible Fear” To Get Into U.S.

Omission Watch: IRS Agent Testifies The Agency’s Still
Targeting Tea Party  Groups For Added Scrutiny

Sheriff Joe To California Governor:
Don’t Release 10,000 Inmates…Put Them In ‘Tent City’

Terrorists Strike Obama’s Elementary School:
Attack Came On Day He Offered Greetings To Muslims Celebrating Holiday

Test Scores Plummet After New York Adopts Common Core Standards

Top Ten Reasons To Eliminate Renewable Fuel Standards

Surge In Americans Renouncing U.S. Citizenship

Zanzibar Acid Attack: Islamic Group Blamed For Acid Assault On Jewish Girls

Postal Service Had $740 Million Third-Quarter Loss

Food Stamps/EBT

 Eating Sushi & Lobster Off EBT Cards

The Tragedy Of America’s Great Food Stamp Binge

Food-Stamp Use Rises; Some 15% Get Benefits


Obama Says Insurance Will Be ‘Significantly Cheaper’
Under Obamacare, But That Isn’t True

Obama: GOP Wants To ‘Shut Down The Government’
To Stop 30 Million Getting Healthcare

ObamaCare: Forcing Texas County To Cut Program
That Helps Elderly And Disabled

Sarah Palin Was Right—More Dems Ditch Death Panels

Oregon Health Care Board Denies Chemotherapy,
Will Push Rationing Under Obamacare

MUST SEE VIDEO Exposes Flaws Of Obamacare
And Numerous Democratic Lies

House Conservatives To Offer Alternative Plan To Obamacare

Jim DeMint On “Hannity”: Time To Make Noise To Defund Obamacare

Barack Obama

Obama Chastises NBC Reporter For Asking More Than One Question

 POTUS Press Conference: Did Obama Flip
Chuck Todd The Bird? [pic, video]

Obama Revealed For The First Time The Existence Of A
Sealed Indictment In The Benghazi Terror Attack

Obama’s Arms To Syrian Terrorists Leads To Recruitment Of Child Soldiers 

Obama’s Celebrity Accentuates His Lack Of Leadership

Obama Gives Greece Advice On National Debt


Only Black Senator (R) Blasts Harry Reid (D) For
Suggesting Republicans Are Racist

CIA  Vet: Obama Administration
‘Most Irresponsible Ever’ On Leaks

Obama Gives Presidential Medal Of Freedom
To Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem

Obama Awards Winfrey, Clinton, Who Powered His Election

Democrat-Activist Media

Iraq’s Deadliest Month Since ’08 Gets Scant Network Coverage

A Closer Look At The New Owners Of The
Boston Globe And Washington Post

UPDATE: Censored! IRS Scandal Being Buried By Big Three Networks

AP Admits Covering Up Obama’s ‘Gulf’ Gaffe

Obamacare Security System ‘Months Behind,’
‘Might Open With Security Flaws’; CNN  Ignores

 MSNBC’s Sharpton Touts Deceptive Claims Of
Pro-Life Groups ‘Lying’ To Pregnant  Women

Malkin, Coulter Demeaned As ‘Hate Hags’ By Libtalker Papantonio

Will Media Fact-Check Obama’s ‘I Meant To Do That’ On NSA Reform?

New York Times Not For Sale—But It Should Be

Spike Lee: No Ill Will from Family Whose Address I Shared


‘Camp Jihad:’ Indoctrination Of Palestinian
Kids At UNRWA Summer Camps