Must Know Headlines


15 Pictures Of Ridiculous Government Spending Guaranteed To Make You Mad

Study: Welfare Pays More Than Work In Most States

 If A $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Is  Good, Why Not Make It $200?

Record 57% of College Students Receive Federal Financial Aid

Ft. Hood Shooter’s Jihad Emails Excluded From Court

Illegal Aliens Demand Free Organ Transplants


Report: NSA Covers 75 Percent Of US Internet Traffic

 Police: Letter Asking Mom To Kill Her Autistic Son Not A Hate Crime

Bored Teenagers

Sharpton And Obama Silent on Murder of White Baseball
Player By Three “Bored” Black Teenagers

Monstrous Killing Of Australian Student Fails To
Create New National Dialogue On Race

‘Bored?’ Teenage Murder Suspect James Edwards Appears To Be A Crip

Oklahoma Shooting Suspects Too Young To Possess Guns Legally

Barack Obama

Number Of Long-Term Unemployed ‘Unprecedented’ Under Obama

Obama’s Brother Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

WH: Obama Has No Comment On Bob Filner

Obama Admin Asks Supreme Court To Allow Warrantless Cellphone Searches

CRS Report: White House’s Implementation Of Dodd-Frank Going Even
Worse Than Obamacare, 61% of Deadlines Have Been Missed

The Butler

‘The Butler’ Director: Americans More Racist Under Obama –
“They’re Showing Their True Colors” (Video)

Oprah’s “The Butler” Is Chock Full Of Racist Lies

Oprah: Just Because You’re Not Racist Doesn’t Mean You’re Not A Racist


Glenn Beck Releases Graphic Video Juxtaposing Media,
Obama Administration’s Optimism On Egypt With Horrifying Reality

Christians Stand With Military After Muslim
Bros Church Burning Spree


ObamaCare And The Food Police

ObamaCare Exemption For Congress: Then And Now

Planned Parenthood Receives Hundreds Of
Thousands From Obamacare Slush Fund

HHS Launches Obamacare Video Contest

Obamacare: Companies Dumping Spousal Coverage,
Forcing Employees To Pay For Children


Democrats And Lawlessness: They’re All Wonderfully Content To
Champion Their President’s Authoritarian Rule By Decree

Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control PAC Busted For Contributions Violating IRS Code

John Kerry Clears Mid-Level Benghazi Scapegoats
Hillary Clinton Suspended From State Department

Philly Democrat, Former State Rep: Are Female Co-Sponsors Of
  Bill Requiring Pre-Abortion Ultrasounds “Men With Breasts”?

CA Promised Tax Breaks In 2008, Now Fining Investors Who Took Advantage


Al-Jazeera In America

Al Jazeera America’s First Guest: ‘Jew Baiter’ Stephen Walt

Democrat-Activist Media

AP’s Rugaber Fails To Explain Why July Unemployment
Rate Rose In Most States,  But Fell Nationwide

ABC Manages Entire Segment On ‘White House Response’
To Egypt Without Mentioning Obama

MSNBC Contributor Reid Ridiculously Slams Gun Rights
Movement As  ‘Neo-Confederate’

The New Racism From Chris Matthews: Calling Obama, Obama

NPR’s Folkenflik Edits Out O’Keefe Sting From
History Of CEO Scandals (Updated)

CNN Continues To Ignore Warnings Of Potential
Obamacare ‘Privacy Disaster’

Star Jones: ‘Twitter Is The New White Sheet For Racist Punks’

Actor Mark Ruffalo Proud Of His Mother For Aborting His Sibling


Washington Still Sucking Up Ammo Supplies

HORRIBLE: Stand Your Ground PSA Portray
s George Zimmerman In Worst Possible Light