Must Know Headlines


Obama Defense Department Guide Calls Founding Fathers ‘Extremist’

American Legion: (Obama) IRS Demands Military Records For All Members

Obama DOJ Tries To Stop School-Choice For
Poor Children In Failing Louisiana Public Schools

Three Crises Coming To Washington

EPA Employee Stole $886K From The Agency

4 Problems With Federal College Scorecards

Muchas Gracias! Notre Dame Will Now Accept,
Heavily Subsidize Illegal Immigrants

Barack Obama

Obama Hides Obamacare Subsidies For Foreign Students, Guest Workers

MLK Event Attendees Wave American Flags Desecrated With Obama’s Face

It’s Official: Obama’s Recovery Weaker Than Bush’s Recession,
Yet News Is All On Ben Affleck As Batman

 Obama Delays Keystone Pipeline Decision Again To 2014

Obama Is Pulling Out The Team Involved In Tracking Benghazi Suspects


Feds Are Building A Detective Squad To Target Consumers
And Companies That Don’t Follow Obamacare’s Rules

ObamaCare:  Coercing The Young To Finance Their Elders

Surprise! Obamacare Subsidizes Foreign Students And Guest Workers

HHS To Award $30,000 In Taxpayer-Funded Cash
Prizes For Obamacare Promotion Videos

Obama Hides Obamacare Subsidies For Foreign Students, Guest Workers

President ‘Disingenuous’ When He Says
GOP Has No Alternative To Obamacare

Ted Cruz Doubles Down On Threat To
Defund Obamacare, Proposes Alternatives

Democrat-Activist Media

 MSNBC Calls Zimmerman ‘White Boy’

MSNBC’s Vile Race Baiter Joy Reid: Conservative Outrage
Over Chris Lane Murder Is “Revenge” For Trayvon

Tea Party Group Urges People To Dump Comcast:
‘You’re Paying Al Sharpton’s Salary!’

Missing From NYT Hasan Story: Terror, Islam, Allah Akbar

Sharpton: ‘Old America’ Only Worked For
English-Speaking White Males

Al Sharpton Wouldn’t Recognize Dr. King’s Legacy
If It Jumped Up And Kicked Him In The Ass

WaPo Gets It Wrong Again On Health Care Costs

Media Shows Pictures Of Dead People In Syria
But Not Of Babies Killed In Abortion

aborted babies

ABC, Which Didn’t Identify Sleazy Mayor As
A Democrat, Hits Scandal Of ‘Rising Republican Star’

Maddow’s Dishonest Scare Parade On NC Voting

WaPo’s Ezra Klein Falls On Sword For Al Gore

WashPost’s Jouvenal Still Refusing To Note
Convicted Murderer’s Illegal Immigrant Status


 Egyptian Mosques Encouraged Attacks On Coptic Christians