Must Know Headlines


State Dept Swept Sex Scandals Under Rug

Another Democrook Busted For Election Crimes –
Found In Bar Pounding Shots

 Dennis Miller’s Business Advice – Fire Obama Voters First

A Third Party Is Not the Goal, Repopulating The GOP Is

Mexican Cartels Help Hezbollah Infiltrate U.S.

Liberalism’s War On Women

Planned Parenthood At 97 Years:
6,300,000 Babies Aborted, Billions In Profit

ZoNation BLASTS Neo-Confederate Libertarians And
Has A Warning For Conservatives Republicans

Obama Spies

Mexico Outraged At U.S. Surveillance Of Ally Felipe Calderon

Obama NSA Spied On Millions In France; U.S. Ambassador Summoned


Obamacare Raising Premiums, Hurting Middle, Lower Class

Federal Healthcare Exchange Calculates Your Earnings
In Future Dollars Yet To Be Inflated

Obamacare Fail: Needs 5,000,000 Lines
Of Computer Code Rewritten

Top Bureaucrat Refuses To Guarantee Obamacare Website
Will Be Fixed By Mid-December

Un-Affordable Care Act: The High Cost Of Obamacare For One Texas Business

Barack Obama

US  ‘Robbed’ JPMorgan, Payback For Criticism Of Obama

And Now Grenade Walking — Obama DOJ  Body Count Grows

Obama Golfs For 147th Times As Prez:
(Bush Golfed 24 Times In 8 Years)

Senator: Obama Opened U.S. To Iran Missile Danger—
Charges President’s Move Meant To ‘Disarm America’

Obama DHS Muslim Adviser Accuses Reporter Of Having A
“Jewish Demeanor” After Seeing Him On Fox News

Democrat-Activist Media

MORE SMOKE AND MIRRORS… Obama Admin Promotes
AP Healthcare Article It Gave To AP

Juan Williams Slams MSNBC: ‘I Don’t Think They
Even Have Any Pretense Of Balance’

Newspaper Cartoon Compares Washington
Redskins To Nazis, Confederates

Friends On CBS’s ‘Good Wife’ Appalled By Man
Who Supports Palin And Owns Guns

The L.A. Times’ Fiscal Fantasies

CBS: ‘Unusable’ ObamaCare Website’s Glitches ‘Troubling’, ‘Pervasive’


ICNA New York Scrubs Accused War Criminal From Web Page