Must Know Headlines


Dozens Of DHS Employees Spend More Time
Working For Unions Than Taxpayers

Privatize Everything

It Begins… New Mexico Cops Now Performing
Anal Cavity Searches For Traffic Violations

The White Trash World We Live In

New Jersey Shooter
Circumvented Gun Law By Stealing Rifle

Christie Wins Re-Election In New Jersey After Vetoing
Planned Parenthood Funding Five Times

Barack Obama

President Obama Asks Insurance CEOs To Help
Him Explain Insurance Cancellations

Obama-Tied Firm Got $100k To Create Michelle’s “Let’s Move” Logo

Shades Of Solyndra: Team Obama Mum As
Another Green Energy Firm Went Bust

Obama Lies Like A Marxist Liar In Wait: You Don’t Think
He’s Going To Stop His Brazen Lying, Do You?

ILLEGAL Immigration

White House Cites Domestic Violence In
Push For Immigration Reform

Feds Spent $29 Million On Prescription Drugs
For 4,139 Illegal Aliens

Obama Cozies Up With CEOs To Lobby Congress For Amnesty

ICE Union Challenges Corporations That Support
‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’


Health Care Fukushima: 129  Million To Lose Their Plan

Son Of Dem Senator Who Voted For ObamaCare,
Loses Insurance Because Of ObamaCare

Administration Plans To Placate Millions Who Have
Lost Health Insurance With Outreach Program

Pro-Life Groups: ObamaCare Will
‘Make Planned Parenthood A $2B Industry’

Watch: Sen. Mike Enzi Predicted
Obamacare Failures Three Years Ago

Rep. Gohmert Rejects Obamacare Subsidy
For Lawmakers: ‘It’s Not Right’


Virginia House Of Delegates Goes 67-33
Republican Super-Majority

Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund
Libertarian In Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race

Cantor’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Helped McAuliffe To Victory

1.2 Virginia Voters Per Gov’t Worker And Food Stamp Recipient


Crowd Boos Obama At Mizzou Football Game,State Rep. An
“Unpatriotic” Thought Crime That Went Unpunished

Obama Regime Hoping To Grow Food Stamp
Rolls With Obamacare Enrollment

DNC Chair: Obama And I Said “Nothing That Was Not True” (Video)

A Quick Reminder About Those Guy Fawkes Masks
Occupiers Are Fond Of Wearing

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Alex Witt: ‘Does It Matter’ That
Obama Lied About ObamaCare?

Not A Shock: ‘Independent’ Washington Post
Endorses Democrats In 20 Of 27 Races

Never Trust Politifact Again

Newly Obtained E-Mails Show Lerner Gave Tea Party
Tax Info To FEC, Big Three Networks Censor

Media Going After Father Of Ted Cruz

‘Homicide’ Creator Uses Slavery To Trash
Constitution, Founding Fathers

Chuck Todd: I Was Always Skeptical Of
Obama’s ‘Keep Your Plan’ Pledge

Stephanie Miller Wants ‘Blacker’ Presidents,
Preferably Gangsta Rappers

Pelosi Does Letterman’s Top Ten List:
‘The Tea Party Isn’t Nearly As Much Fun As It Sounds’

NPR Practices Viewpoint Discrimination:
No Conservatives Allowed To Speak  Against Pro-Gay Bill

Denial On NPR: Journos Say Obamacare’s Not A Scandal,
And Obama’s ‘Relatively  Scandal-Free’

CNN Rebukes Guest For Calling
Obama’s False Insurance Guarantee A ‘Lie’

New York Times Editor Defends Editorial Saying Obama “Misspoke”

Report: CNN Head Jeff Zucker Blames Backlash On Anti-Obama Racism

Matthews Says McAuliffe Leading In Virginia With
Graphic On Screen Showing  Cuccinelli Up 53-37


Bishop Mourns: ‘No One Has Listened To Us’
After Syrian Christians Massacred