Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Recovery: $1.3 Trillion Below Average

Official Unemployment Rate Ticks Up To 7.3%, Number Of
Americans Not In Labor Force Skyrockets

DMV Official Pleads Guilty To Giving Illegals Driver’s Licenses

12 Reasons Why We Need A Law Ending Painful Late Abortions

Report: IRS Refunded $4B To Identity Thieves

State Sues: Fed Rule Against Obama’s
Felon Hiring Ban Endangers Public

Surveillance Video: Black Flash Mob & Rob Hoodlums Ransack 3
Chicago @SportsAuthority Stores –$5,000 Reward Offered

IRS Sent 343 Refunds Worth $156K To 1 Address–In Shanghai, China


Cancer Patient/Obama Voter Says New Insurance SO EXPENSIVE
He’s Just Going To Let “Nature Take Its Course”

Insurers Canceling 250,000 Plans In Colorado

Obama Is Sorry That You Lost Your Insurance
Even Though It’s Not His Fault

Ted Cruz: Mr. President If You’re Really Sorry
We Want A #FullRepeal

Delaware Spends $4M To Enroll 4 People In Obamacare

Barack Obama

 Ex-Marxist Calls Out Obama As ‘Communist’—
Warns Health-Care Failures Are Means To Totalitarian Ends

Obama Approval Lower Than Bush’s At Same Time In Presidency

Obama Schedule || Friday, November 8, 2013

Book: Obama Has ‘Close To Zero’ Patience For ‘Professional Blacks’

Obama Rewrites Rule To Let Unions Avoid ObamaCare Tax


Obama Accused Of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

 Obama Selling Out Israel With “Sucker”
Deal Capitulating To Iran


Democrats Own Obamacare

BREAKING: Democrat PAC Attempted To Breach Security,
Trespass On A GOP Event At A Public School

SHUT THE F*** UP’: You May Just Start Laughing At How Worked Up
Some On The Left Are Over CMA Awards Mocking Obamacare

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Accuses GOP Of Creating A ‘Negative Mythology’ Of Benghazi

Coverage Of Third Qtr. GDP And Fourth Qtr. Estimates
Omits Potential Obamacare Impact

The Top 20 Worst Chris Matthews Quotes
Calling Obama Critics Racist

Media Flustered At News Of Antarctica Not Melting;
Ice Levels At Record High

Virginia Duo Hooked Up 300 Illegal Immigrants
With Photo ID; WashPost Buries Story On B8

Despite Smooth Texas Election, MSNBC Insists There’s
‘Trouble On The Horizon’  With Voter ID

Networks Wait Till After Shutdown Vote To
Cover ObamaCare’s Many Flaws


Elections Carry Fox News To Big Ratings Win
—Kelly Hits New Demo High