Must Know Headlines


CBO: The Rich Pay OVER 100 Percent Of Taxes

True Unemployment Rate 11% Or Higher
In 49 Of The Last 50 Months

Wife Of US Pastor Held In Iran: ‘I Never Thought I’d Have To
Battle My Own Gov’t For My Husband’s Freedom’

Baker Faces Prison For Refusing To
Bake Same-Sex Wedding Cake

Judge: Cross On Veterans Memorial Unconstitutional,
Must Come Down

Budget Deal

 House Passes Budget As Boehner Raps Tea Party

See How Your Representative Voted On The
Ryan/Murray Tax & Spend Budget Here!


HHS Awards Another $58M For Obamacare Navigators

HHS “Asking” Insurance Companies To Help Them
Fix The Mess They’ve Made With Obamacare

Each Obamacare Enrollee Costs Taxpayers $14,000

Georgia Legislators To Introduce Bill Blocking Obamacare 

CT Obamacare Exchange, Praised In Rose Garden,
Gave Wrong Info For Every Single Individual Plan

‘Obama’ Rap Video Encourages Individuals
To Sign Up For Health Care ‘Cause It’s Hot’

Barack Obama

Handshake No Accident: Obama Regime And Cuba Have
Been Conducting Secret Talks For Past Six Months

Obama Kills 15 On Way To Wedding In Yemen With Drone Strike

The White House Has Been Lying About That Ex-FBI Agent
Missing In Iran For Seven Years, Bombshell AP Report Says

Obama Administration Admits To
Israel They Lied About Iran Deal

More Deceit From The Openness Administration

White House Says Obama Will Extend
Amnesty For Young Illegal Immigrants

Top Official In Obama Birth Mystery Killed


Senate Democrats Approve Obama Judge
Who Said Abortion “Frees Women”

MI Teachers Union Wants Severance Package
For Teacher Convicted Of Molestation

Democrat Venture Capitalist Makes Investments In NY’s
Hudson Valley As He Runs For Seat In…Hudson Valley 

Democrat-Activist Media

Unions Paid MSNBC’s Schultz $177,000
In 2012, $75,000 In 2013

Morning Joe Panelists Praise Boehner
For Anti-Conservative Outburst

Stephen Colbert Can’t Mock ObamaCare, Just Its Critics

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Website Is Fixed—
Dems Should Tell People “It Works”

The Detroit News Moves To Censor
The Comments Of White Readers

Jake Tapper Gets Chummy With Pelosi; Gets Her
To Bash ‘Unruly’ Tea Party Republicans

CBS: Those Meddling Conservatives
Oppose ‘Too-Good-To-Be-True’ Deal


Israel Hit With Heaviest Snowstorm in 60 Years