Must Know Headlines


Top 10 Abusive Executive Actions
By The Obama Administration 

EXPOSED: The Yearlong IRS Plot To Punish
Tea Party, Nonprofit Groups

Court Rules School Can Ban U.S. Flag
Shirts To ‘Avoid Violence’

Video: College Kids React To Cuomo’s
Plan To Give Convicts Free College

Man Charged With Murder For Lacing
Girlfriend’s Pancake With Abortion Drug

Agency That Enforces Gun Laws Can’t
Keep Track Of Its Own Weapons



ObamaCare Victims Fight Back:
We Are Not Liars And Phonies

Obamacare Forces Michigan Hospital To Cut Jobs

Barack Obama

President Launches ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ —
But What About George Hussein Onyango Obama?

Russia’s Resurgence Is A Reaction To Obama’s Retreat  

 Brother: As Young Man, Obama ‘Acted Too Black’  

Obama Launches Effort To Help Black, Hispanic Young Men

 Obama DOJ To Spend $750K Training
‘High-Risk’ Inmates In Technology 


New IRS Rules ‘Aim To Elect Democrats’

 Why Libs Fear Black Conservatives

Harry Reid Delays Minimum Wage
Bill- Not Enough Dem. Support

De Blasio Kicks 700 Kids Out Of
High-Performing Charter Schools

Planned Parenthood To Spend $15 Million In
2014 Keeping Senate In Democrat Hands

Sen. Boxer (D) Thinks Keystone
Pipeline May Cause Cancer

Wendy Davis Getting A Lot Of Money
From Outside Of Texas

Michelle Obama: American Moms ‘Defeated’ At
Grocery Store Without Nutrition Labels

Democrat-Activist Media

Even The Left Hates the IRS’s New Proposed
Rules, But Nets Won’t Report

Ronan Farrow Receives Cronkite Award
After Two Days On MSNBC

Oscar Disconnect: Top Box Office Movies Earned
4x More Than Nominated Movies 

CNN: As A Journalist, You Weigh How Much You Should
Criticize The President Because He’s Black

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser Compares Ariz. Bill To
Nazis: ‘Should They Wear A Yellow Star?

Gitmo Detainee Arrested On Terror
Charges Was “Guardian’ Contributor

NYT Editor Calls Wendy Davis Profile
Highlighting Biography Lies Sexist

CBS Predicts Climate Change Means The End Of
Snow: ‘Winter Sports Could Be Doomed’


 Uganda’s Anti-Gay Laws And Leftist Silence