Must Know Headlines


Let’s Move: 1.6 Million Paying Students Drop School Lunch—
‘Challenges With Palatability’

Report: DC’s Green-Approved Buildings Using More Energy

Awesome Montage Of The Left Attacking Romney
After His 2012 ‘Russia’ Comments

Organizing For Action Head Caught Setting Up White House
Meeting For Donor Being Sued By The Federal Government

Walter Williams: Why Political Power Hasn’t
Solved Black Socioeconomic Problems

ILLEGAL Immigration

Federal Government Refuses To Enforce
Immigration Law On The Southwest Border

Obama DHS Lets Employers That Hire
Illegal Workers Off The Hook

Anybody In World Willing To Pay A Fine Can Get U.S.
Work Permit Under Boehner’s New Definition Of Amnesty

Obama Budget

President Obama’s Budget Sends $286,479,000
To Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Obama Unveils $4T Budget Plan

Obama’s Bizarro World Budget For Fiscal 2015

Sessions: President’s Budget Raises Taxes $1.76 Trillion

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Marks Women’s History Month
With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama 

Top Iranian General: Obama’s Threats Are “Joke Of  The Year”

Remembering Selma, Barack Obama,
And Obama’s Weird Selma Mythmaking 


Cancer Patient Learns After Surgery
He’s Not Covered Under Obamacare

The Inevitability Of Obamacare For Illegal Aliens

HHS Needs $1.8 Billion To Run
Obamacare Website For One Year

Woman With Cancer Hits Back At Harry Reid,
Democrats For Attack [VIDEO] 

New Rule Creates Avalanche Of
Time-Wasting Paperwork For Doctors 

White House To Delay Again A Key Obamacare Rule


90 Percent Ice Coverage Breaks Lake Michigan Record

Fifty-Year-Old Detroit Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invader


The Media As Usual Covers Obama’s Ass
During The Ukraine Crisis


Russia And China ‘In Agreement’ Over Ukraine


DNC Members Can’t Think Of Single Hillary Achievement

Democrat Who Claimed Republicans Hate Women,
Accused Of Domestic Violence

The Ingrained Intolerance Of Liberal Tolerance:
Humiliation, Not Acceptance, Is The Objective

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Set To Delay Another Health Care
Mandate; Networks Ignore

Tea Party-Slandering MSNBCer Reid Steadfastly
Refuses To Call Putin Or Assad ‘Evil’

Time Mag Writer Who Claimed Putin Wouldn’t Invade
Ukraine, Now Claiming Putin Is Losing In Ukraine

ABC Skips Own Poll Of Dour News For Dems,
Devotes 18 Minutes To ‘Dancing With The Stars’

NBC Warns: Midterm Election ‘Holds The Fate
Of  The Rest Of  The Obama Presidency’

Obamacare’s Disincentives To Work Are A Good Thing,
NPR Spins 

Wife Says Alan Grayson (D) Shoved Her During Domestic Incident