Must Know Headlines


Labor Force Participation For Americans In Their 20′s Hits
RECORD LOW, 42 Year Low For 20-24 Yr Olds [Charts]

Michigan Right To Work: 8,000 Teachers
Refusing To Pay Union Dues

While IRS Targeted Tea Party, White House
‘Censored’ ThinkProgress Criticism

 Common Core Woes Lead To New ‘Dumbed-Down’ SAT

Government Motors (GM) Faces Federal Investigation
For Slow Recall That Led To 13 Deaths

Jake Tapper: GOP 2016-A Wide Open Field For
The First Time In A Long, Long Time

How To Balance The Budget In Three, Or Ten, Years

ILLEGAL Immigration

Deportations Come Mostly From Border,
DHS Chief Says

Illegal Alien Journalist-Activist Angry Over
‘Undocumented’ Use Of His Debit Card

The ‘Deporter In Chief’ Backed Into A Corner
By His Own ‘Deceptive’ Statistics

Obama DHS Admits Cooking The Books On Deportations

Barack Obama

Obama Secretly Waives The INDIVIDUAL MANDATE
For Millions, Tries To Hide It From Public View

Obama Using His Pen To Change Work
Rules For White Collar Workers

Oliver North: ‘Any Other President Would Be Impeached’

Obama Unilaterally Raises Workers’ Pay


Politico CEO: ‘Republicans Suck
Slightly Less Than Democrats’

Top Democrat Money Man Pleads Guilty
To Campaign Finance Violations

Dem Who Pled Guilty To Illegal Fundraising For
D.C. Mayor Also Contributed To Hillary; Nets Ignore

Feinstein (D), Who Defended NSA Data-Collection,
Furious About CIA ‘Interference’ With Her Committee

Report: Lerner Emails Show
Partisan Concern For Democrats

Emails Reveal Obama Admin Shut Down
WW II Memorial Knowing Vets Were Coming

Tara McGuinness ‏- ObamaCARE Goon Thinks There
Are More Days In February Than January

Murray: Hobby Lobby Denying Contraception
‘Under the Guise of a Religious Exemption’

‘Underperforming’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz Makes
Hacktastic Attempt To Spin Florida Election Loss

Dem Rep Encourages 9/11 Truthers ‘To Push’

Democrats Ignore How Climate Change
Regulations Hurt Americans


To Avoid Obamacare Questions

Uninsured: Obamacare Is Unaffordable

Obama Administration Awarded $58M To Group Involved
With Obamacare Website That It Already Fired

Two State ObamaCare Exchanges Under Federal Investigation

Blogger Reminds Jay Carney Of How Obamacare Was Passed

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Plays ‘Hide The Story’ As GOP Wins Key Fla. House Race

CBS Allows A Real Journalist To Resign

Networks Swoon Over President’s Fake
Interview To Push ObamaCare

Jimmy Fallon Mocks Palin’s CPAC
Speech In Opening Monologue

Former Slate Writer’s New Website Sponsored
By Corporation He Once Called ‘Evil’

Late Night Host Seth Meyers To Rachel Maddow:
‘You’re Like Basically My Dream Woman’

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation Spent
More On Social Media Than Charity

Chris Matthews Humiliates Himself Even More Than Usual


Wealthy Russian National Facing WMD
Charges Represented By Public Defender

WOW! Brookings Institute Fellow John Hudak Caught
Spreading Vicious Racist Lie At CPAC 2014