Must Know Headlines


Guilty Of Thoughtcrimes:
D’Souza To Be Sent To Re-education Camp

43 Shot, 5 Killed In Chicago As Weekend
Temperatures Hit Summer Highs

Mob Of Black Teens Brutally Beats Elderly
Man, Smashes Cars In Memphis

Washington Times Settles Case With Homeland
Over Improper Seizure Of Reporter’s Notes

Where’s the Outrage? US Airstrikes On ISIS Have Had
“Very Little Impact” And Are Causing Civilian Casualties

Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Wanted
To Spread Message Of Islam

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegals Blow Off Immigration Hearings,
Obama  Govt. Conceals It

Schools Nationwide Scramble To Prepare For
Illegal Immigrants Who Crossed Border

Obama Executive Action To Benefit Alien Traffic Offenders:
Convicted Drunk And Drugged Drivers Included


Absolutely ABSURD: Obama Dept Of Justice ORDERS Ferguson
Police To Stop Wearing ‘I Am Darren Wilson’ Bracelets!

Ferguson Demands High Fees to Turn Over City Files


Dem Conn. State Rep Arrested For Allegedly Voting 19 Times

 State Dept’s Marie Harf: Hey, The Spread
Of ISIS Surprised Even ISIS

Why Michelle Obama Was Wrong To Trash America At The UN

 Liberals As Low Information Voters

Barack Obama

Obama: The Country Is Better Off, People Just Don’t Feel It

Obama: Americans Are Better Off Than They Were SIX Years Ago

Obama: The Economy Is Great But Would
Be Better If We Increase Minimum Wage

For Obama, Islamic State Is Everyone Else’s Fault

Hillary Clinton Adviser Calls For New
Constitution w/Mandatory Service

Patrick: Dems ‘Celebrated’ Killing A Bill
Aimed At Saving Lives Of Unborn Babies

Charges Against Connecticut Democrat Could Severely
Damage The Left’s Argument That Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist

 What It Cost A Small County To Provide
Protection For A Joe Biden Trip

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC, CBS Ignore News Intel Community
Actually Warned Obama About ISIS

Revisionism In Reporting Of OK Workplace Beheading

Comedy? Angry Daily Show Attacks
Redskins: ‘Change the F***ing Name’

 Chelsea-Obsessed CBS Dubs Clinton Baby ‘Political Royalty’ 


CBS Hillary Clinton Show Loses 1/3 Younger
Viewers By 2nd Episode