Must Know Headlines


Donald Trump

Trump Takes Office: ‘From This Day Forward
It Is Going To Be Only: America First!’

Trump Announces Regulatory
Freeze In First Executive Orders

President Donald Trump Will Sign Executive Order
Sunday To Defund International Planned Parenthood 

Trump Protesters

Trump Protesters Vandalize DC Businesses,
Chant ‘No Cops, No Borders’

D.C. Police Arrest 217 Rioters; Windows
Smashed, Cars Burnt, Cops Attacked

High School Student Beaten By Anti-Trump Protestors
Outside Yiannopoulos Event At University Of Washington

Larry King: Trump Protesters
Smashed My Car Windows In

Why Leftists Turned Inauguration Day Violent

Democrat-Activist Media

Celebrities Melt Down During Trump
Inauguration: ‘This Country Is Lost’

NPR’s Rage Rerun: Black Author Rants Trump
Win Means America ‘Can’t Stand Black People’

America First Is Hitlerian Says Chris Matthews

#FakeNews: Media Falsely Reports Trump
Removed MLK Bust From Oval Office

Rachel Maddow Watched Trump’s Speech,
Was Reminded Of — Guess Who — Hitler

Saturday Night Live Writer Smears
Donald Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son

The Strange Anti-Trump Ignorance Of PolitiFact

Malia Obama To Intern For Hollywood
Producer Harvey Weinstein

Snoozing At Teachers That Abuse Children